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Resolved Issues: 22.1R1

General Routing

  • On ACX5448 routers, the BFD session status goes in to the Init state after system reboot. This issue occurs when you have both the CFM and BFD configured on the system. PR1552235

  • The MPC7E, MPC10E, MX-SPC3, and LC2103 line cards might become offline when the device runs on the FIPS mode. PR1576577

  • On ACX5448 routers, CFM does not go in to the OK state after the router reboots. PR1602489

  • On ACX5448 routers, RED-dropped packets might be observed if you configure hierarchical-scheduler. PR1603622

  • On ACX5096 routers, the output pps traffic appears on the deactivated interfaces. PR1608827

  • ACX710 routers running Junos OS 21.2R1 and later might experience kernel crash. PR1608852

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 routers, traffic might be dropped. PR1612026

  • The routing protocol engine CPU becomes nonresponsive at 100 percent. PR1612387

  • Interface state resets after a Packet Forwarding Engine restarts. PR1613314

  • On ACX5448 routers, unknown SMART attributes for StorFly VSFBM6CC100G-JUN1 SSD might occur. PR1614068

  • Packet fragmentation might occur when you configure MTU for the logical interface. PR1614449

  • On ACX5448 routers at rates above 4GB, there might be mismatches in statistics between the physical and logical interfaces. PR1614550

  • When configuring vlan-id-range/list for the aggregated Ethernet interface of l2ckt, traffic forwarding occurs for the first VLAN. PR1616147

  • Traffic might not be forwarded after failover in the L2circuit hot standby mode. PR1616892

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 routers, the Packet Forwarding Engine daemon crashes if you disable the standby interface in the Layer-2 Circuit Pseudowire redundancy scenario. PR1617287

  • Host-outbound-traffic might be placed in the incorrect queue. PR1619174

  • Traffic might get equally load-balanced irrespective of the scheduler configuration. PR1620137

  • Six to eight seconds of delay occurs when the receiver switches in between the groups. PR1620685

  • Traffic forwarding to one of the the Single homed PE or ACX does not occur after you change the vlan-id under the routing instance. PR1621036

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 routers with the Layer 3 VPN scenarios, after multiple core links or protocol flaps, the error messages might be generated. PR1621425

  • SNMP interface reports temperature instead of the RX alarms. PR1621894

  • On ACX5448 routers, the smartd configurations do not get applied. PR1623359

  • On ACX5448 routers, EXP rewrite does not work in the Layer 3 VPN scenario when you configure the mf filter. PR1623922

  • On ACX5000 routers, the Local fault and Remote fault signaling does not get logged on /var/log/messages. PR1624761

  • Unicast packet loss might be observed due to control-word configuration. PR1626058

  • VPLS traffic loss might be observed post route flap. PR1626267

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine might crash after the device reboots or Packet Forwarding Engine restarts. PR1626503

  • On ACX2000 routers, the output packet statistics do are not increment on the unit even after configuringthe statistics. PR1627040

  • On ACX5048 routers, filters reporting TCAM errors are not installed in the hardware after the upgrade from Junos OS Release 17.4R2-S8 to Junos OS Release 20.4R3. PR1630280

  • On ACX710 routers running G.8275.2, the router becomes nonresponsive at the PTP Acquiring state if the connection gets through some timing unaware nodes. PR1632761

  • The storm-control rate-limit might not work with VPLS policer under IFL. PR1633427

  • DHCP clients might not come online for the IRB+VLAN/EVPN scenario. PR1633778

  • IS-IS last transition time never increments. PR1634747

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 outers, the IPv6 BFD session over the aggregated Ethernet interface might stay down. PR1635020

  • On ACX5448 routers, the PEM overload alarm threshold gets displayed incorrectly. PR1636222

  • On ACX5448 routers with ESI configured, locally switched traffic might be dropped . PR1638386

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 routers, the Layer 3 interface creation might fail. PR1638581

  • IGMP snooping configuration drops layer 2 VPN multicast traffic. PR1628600

  • The LACP might delay with an aggregate wait time message for more than 1 second. PR1635763

  • The KRT queue might get stuck with the ENOMEM -- Cannot allocate memory error message. PR1642172

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The vmxt_lnx process generates a core file at topo_get_link jnh_features_get_jnh jnh_stream_attach . PR1638166