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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in Junos OS Release 22.1R1 for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • PTX Series platforms with the FPC-PTX-P1-A or FPC2-PTX-P1A line card might encounter a single event upset (SEU) event that causes a linked-list corruption of the TQCHIP. The following syslog message gets reported: Jan 9 08:16:47.295 router fpc0 TQCHIP1: Fatal error pqt_min_free_cnt is zero Jan 9 08:16:47.295 router fpc0 CMSNG: Fatal ASIC error, chip TQ Jan 9 08:16:47.295 router fpc0 TQ Chip::FATAL ERROR!! from PQT free count is zero jan 9 08:16:47.380 router alarmd[2427]: Alarm set: FPC color=RED, class=CHASSIS, reason=FPC 0 Fatal Errors - TQ Chip Error code: 0x50002 Jan 9 08:16:47.380 router craftd[2051]: Fatal alarm set, FPC 0 Fatal Errors - TQ Chip Error code: 0x50002 The Junos OS chassis management error handling does detect such a condition, raises an alarm, and performs the disable-pfe action for the affected Packet Forwarding Engine entity. To recover this Packet Forwarding Engine entity, restart the FPC as needed. Soft errors are transient or non-recurring. FPCs experiencing such SEU events do not have any permanent damage. Contact your Juniper Networks support representative if the issue occurs after an FPC restart.PR1254415

  • Flapping might occur on the channelized ports of PTX Series routers during ZTP, when one of the port gets disabled on the supporting device. PR1534614

  • Unsupported configuration is attempted by the script that then hits the maximum threshold for the given platform. PR1555159

  • On PTX platforms, when Inline Jflow is configured and high sampling rate (more than 4000 per second) is set, high CPU utilization might be observed and this might result in relevant impacts on traffic analysis and billing. PR1569229

  • The output-mac-control-frames and output-mac-pause-frames counters do not increase. PR1610745

  • On PTX Series devices using QSFP and optic toolkit, QSFP in slot et-0/0/0 might not come up after plug-in. When this happens, one or a few ports might start showing i2c errors and eventually not come up. When this happens, the link does not come up in that particular port.PR1620527

  • When sending BGP Labeled Unicast (BGP-LU) traffic or Layer 3 VPN traffic over IPIP tunnels, the remote end device is a purely an IP device that does not understand labels, the labeled unicast or Layer 3 VPN label cannot go on top. PR1631671

  • This is a rare scenario. In a dual Routing Engine setup, Assume the backup RPD has just started and re-syncing all states from FIB(Kernel). The backup RPD is not yet ready for switchover. If we do Routing Engine switchover manually through CLI or if any primary Routing Engine HW crash occurs, We end up in not installing some of the FIB entries. The work around is to restart the RPD in new primary Routing Engine. PR1641297

  • While loading baseline configurations in Gladiator box, continuous FPC core seen at pci_user_pio_read_func and posix_interface_abort along with scheduler hog messages. PR1644576

  • In current Junos OS implementation, MAC-vrf doesn't support MAC limit configuration. As a result of this, MAC-vrf instance extensive command won't show customer configured value correctly. In the following output, MAC limit count is set 262144 which is unexpected. user@router# show routing-instances TEST | display set set routing-instances TEST protocols evpn mac-table-size 100 set routing-instances TEST protocols evpn interface-mac-limit 10 user@router> show mac-vrf forwarding instance TEST extensive Information for routing instance and VLAN: Routing instance : TEST RTB index: 51 MAC limit: 262144 MACs learned: 0 Local Macs learned: 0PR1647327

  • When there is a telemetry subscription to /components/component/ subscription path, data for chassis will not get exported. PR1647745

  • V6 default route will not get added after successful DHCPv6 client binding on PTX1000 router during zero-touch provisioning. PR1649576

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The memory usage of the "rpd" process on the backup routing engine might increase indefinitely due to leak in krt_as_path_t.PR1614763


  • On PTX3000 routers, if RPD thrashes during a GRES switchover, there might be traffic loss on MPLS LSPs. PR1590681

Platform and Infrastructure

  • In rare occurrence, Routing Engine kernel might crash while handling TCP sessions if you enable GRES/NSR. PR1546615

User Interface and Configuration

  • On all Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved devices, when copy-configuration, get-configuration, and discard-change RPCs run in two parallel NETCONF sessions and the database is also accessed in parallel by two NETCONF sessions, it leads to database corruption and mgd-related services might crash. PR1641025