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  • Translation of MVPN Type 5 routes to MSDP SA routes (MX480, MX960, and vMX)—Starting in Junos OS Release 22.1R1, Junos OS supports the conversion of multicast virtual private network (MVPN) Type 5 routes to Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) source active (SA) routes, as described in the RFC draft-ietf-bess-mvpn-sa-to-msdp-00.txt. In previous releases, Junos OS supports conversion only from MSDP SA to MVPN Type 5.

    Enable MVPN-to-MSDP conversion at the [edit routing-instance routing-instance-name protocols mvpn mvpn-mode spt-only convert-sa-to-msdp] hierarchy level.

    You can verify the conversion by running the [show msdp source-active instance instance-name] command.

    [See Understanding Next-Generation MVPN Control Plane.]