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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for QFX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • On QFX5700 platforms few interfaces do not come up after removing channelization through single commit, that is by using delete interfaces. PR1592238

  • On QFX5700 ungraceful removal (OIR) of FPC or an FPC fault might result in a PCIE MAJOR alarm PCI Uncorrected error on dev 0000:00:03.0 which does not get cleared. The only way to clear this alarm is reboot of the device. There are 2 situations in which this alarm can be seen:

    1. FPC is faulty: In rare FPC fault cases, the PCI Uncorrected error alarm might be seen along with FPC going to a fault state as indicated by the show chassis fpc command. This is accompanied by other FPC major alarms. Once the faulty FPC is replaced with a good one, the alarm is still seen, and a reboot is required to clear this alarm. Post identification of the fault and FPC replacement, this alarm is harmless, and FPC state can be confirmed through the show chassis fpc command.

    2. Ungraceful OIR: The ungraceful removal of FPCs is not recommended on QFX5700. This operation might result in PCI Uncorrected Error alarm. Use one of the following two methods to do a graceful FPC OIR removal:

      • Execute the request chassis fpc slot <slot #> offline command from the CLI.

      • Press the offline button for one second on the FPC to offline the FPC. Once the FPC is gracefully offlined, both LEDs - PWR and STS go off. The FPC can be removed at this point.

  • TOS (DSCP+ECN) bits do not get copied from the inner Layer 3 header to outer VXLAN header at the ingress VTEP. Because of this in the core, ECN marking and DSCP classification do not work.PR1658142

  • Autoneg enabled at one end of the link and disabled at the other end of the link make the link go down on QFX5130-32CD, QFX5220-32CD, QFX5220-128C and QFX5700 platforms.PR1668137

  • On Junos OS Evolved QFX, transit NTP packets are trapped to CPU. PR1661855