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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • On ACX7509 devices, some of the interfaces from 16x100G and 20XSFP56 does not go down after evo-pfemand restart. PR1592388

  • The Supercon-core 0000:xx:xx:x: Supercon scratch error messages gets generated in the boot log of the backup Routing Engine. The errors are observed only during booting of the backup Routing Engine and do not have any functional impact. These messages must be ignored. PR1594136

  • The show system processes extensive command might display high short term CPU utilization. Values can range from 50 percent or higher for evo-pfemand. This is a single cpu view. As the ACX7509 device is a multi-core CPU, this has no impact on performance. PR1603899

  • G.8275.1- G.8273.2 1PPS cTE performance test might be marginally outside class-C for PTP BC on ACX7100-48L, especially for mixed speed port testing with combinations of 10G or 25G channelized ports and 100G ports. On each reboot, the 1PPS cTE measurement might be within the class-C measurement threshold or randomly be out of threshold by a few nanoseconds.PR1607381

  • On ACX7509 device, 1GE interface does not comes up with copper 1G SFP-T optics and this issue is specific to copper 1G cables PR1614286

  • MAC aggregated Ethernet interfaces software index was 128. Hence, a failure occurs when configure with 218 interfaces. Since, we increase the max indexes to 255. PR1618337

  • After picd or rpdagent application restart multpile object-info anomalies for evo-pfemand process. PR1628843

  • On ACX7509 device and in a scaled setup, if we do fpc restart, FPC gets struck in the Online stste after ungraceful FPC OIR. PR1633117

  • With combination of triggers like restart rpd and fpc, route obect leaks in the Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1641947

  • On ACX7509 devices after multiple FPC online or offline switching, FPCs goes in to the Fault state. PR1616227

Layer 2 Features

  • On a platform running Junos OS Evolved 21.4 release with VPLS instances at some scale, if the RPD process gets killed, it could lead to inconsistency for some instances in lsi information between control and forwarding planes. Specifically, the show vpls connections instance <> and show ethernet-switching table instance <> command, traffic drops due to incorrect VPLS label imposed at ingress. One might have restart rpd and/or l2ald gracefully to recover. PR1627593