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  • Support for BGP MVPN (ACX7100-32C and ACX7100-48L)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.1R1, certain ACX series routers support BGP/MPLS MVPN (also known as “next generation,” or “NG,” MVPN) running on multipoint LDP (MLDP P2MP) provider tunnels, where BGP MVPN is the intra-AS and PIM-SM/SSM is the data plane. The ACX can act as the Rendezvous Point (RP) and First-Hop Router (FHR). The implementation does not include BUD node (where the ACX functions as both an egress and transit device). IPv6 traffic on the CE side is supported.

    [See ACX Support for BGP MVPN.]