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What’s Changed in Release 21.4R3

General Routing

  • OpenConfig container names for Point-to-Multipoint per interface ingress and egress sensors are modified for consistency from "signalling" to "signaling".


  • Starting with Junos OS 16.1 the MPLS EXP bits transmitted in self ping messages are set based on the DSCP/ToS setting of the corresponding IP packet.

  • When defining a constrained path LSP using more than one strict hop belonging to the egress node, the first strict hop must be set to match the IP address assigned to the egress node on the interface that receives the RSVP Path message. If the incoming RSVP Path message arrives on an interface with a different IP address the LSP is rejected.

  • Starting with Junos OS release 21.4R3 CLI support for the set protocols express-segments configuration statement, and the show express-segments and clear express-segments operational mode commands are removed from the EX4300-24P, EX4300-24T, EX4300-48P, EX4300-48T, EX4300-48T-DC, EX4300-32F, EX4300-48T-BF, EX4300-48T-DC-BF, MX5-T, MX10-T MX40-T, MX80, MX80-T, MX80-48T, MX80-P, MX104, and the MX-TSR80 platforms.

  • Starting with Junos OS and Junos Evolved release 21.4R3 a CSPF LSP uses a new instance ID when attempting to re-signal a down LSP.

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Changes to the NETCONF <edit-config> RPC response (ACX Series, EX Series, MX Series, PTX Series, QFX Series, SRX Series, vMX, and vSRX)—When the <edit-config> operation returns an error, the NETCONF server does not emit a <load-error-count> element in the RPC response. In earlier releases, the <edit-config> RPC response includes the <load-error-count> element when the operation fails.

User Interface and Configuration

  • A new field rollback pending is added to the output of show system commit that identifies whether commit confirmed is issued. It is removed once commit or commit check is issued or commit confirmed is rolled back after rollback timeout.