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Resolved Issues: 21.4R3

General Routing

  • On Junos platforms, cfmd core files might be seen in the logs if CCM configuration is changed from AE IFL to the physical IFL in a single commit. PR1612212

  • VLAN priority may change at the egress end of the circuit. PR1630255

  • ACX710/5448 working as PE stops forwarding L3VPN traffic after core-facing link flapping. PR1635801

  • The ARP request packets might be sent out from ACX Series router without VLAN header. PR1638421

  • KRT queue entries are stuck during Routing Engine switchover when backup RPD is not yet ready. PR1641297

  • mcsnoopd crash is seen while adding igmp-snooping. PR1641497

  • Junos OS: RIB and PFEs can get out of sync due to a memory leak caused by interface flaps or route churn (CVE-2022-22209). PR1642172

  • attributes are showing as "Unknown_Attribute" while verifying smartd parameters in ACX5448-m. PR1643542

  • In EVPN multihoming, BUM traffic from the CE device will be flooded back to the CE device. PR1643598

  • Reboot reason is not as expected for ACX5448-m. PR1643781

  • The copper ports on ACX5448 might go down if loaded with copper SFP. PR1643989

  • Traffic drop might be seen on the interfaces using copper SFP after the reboot. PR1645396

  • The swap-push/pop-swap VLAN map operations on VPLS IFL's might not work. PR1648182

  • While sending BGP NOTIFICATION messages for RFC 8538 HARD RESET, the data portion is sometimes not present. PR1648479

  • If a firewall has a log action and it's applied on physical interface or lo0, the LDP can't go up. PR1648968

  • On all Junos ACX platforms, priority tagged packets are getting dropped due to an untagged Aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1650970

  • PCS Errored blocks count will increment after Junos software upgrade to Junos OS Release 20.2R1 or above. PR1651526

  • HTTP(S) file download hangs over EVPN-ETREE. PR1653531

  • Due to the MAC learning limit being exceeded traffic drop might be observed in the MC-AE scenario. PR1653926

  • The LDP sessions might flap in VPLS scenario resulting in PFE errors. PR1654172

  • On ACX5448 platform, physical interfaces of FPC remain up even though it lost communication with Routing Engine. PR1659949

  • The l2circuit backup might not get reverted to primary in rare condition. PR1661802

  • Transit traffic drop was seen for BGP-LU(Border Gateway Protocol-Labeled Unicast) prefix on ACX5448/ACX710 when BGP-LU label routes has ECMP(Equal-Cost Multipath) forwarding path. PR1663563

  • Na-grpcd process can core during longevity flap tests. PR1665516

  • In the SR-TE scenario, sensors are incorrectly populated for colored tunnel BSID routes when uncolored tunnels are enabled. PR1665943

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 its variants PFE might crash due to configuration of BFD. PR1667129

  • LLDP neighborship might fail if the chassis-id format of the LLDP packet is xx:xx:xx:XX:XX:xx'. PR1669677

  • ACX710 : Log related to resources reported after EVPN RI are deactivated / activated multiple times : "ACX_BD_ERR: dnx_bd_alloc_l2_svlan: System reached L3 IFL and BD limit(12286)". PR1670683

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The default code-point aliases and respective CoS value Bit patterns are inconsistent with Junos in Evo. PR1667404

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • The connection might get closed by the collector when connecting to jsd. PR1653968

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The snmpd core might be observed with filter-duplicates configuration. PR1669510

Routing Protocols

  • Ipv6 Inline BFD sessions are down when neighbor is not resolved. PR1650677

  • MCSNOOPD will be restarted and will again learn the states after core. PR1672488