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Network Management and Monitoring

  • Support for libvirt MIB (NFX150, NFX250 NextGen, and NFX350)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.4R1, you can monitor the performance of virtual machines by using the libvirt MIB. You can use either SNMPv2c or SNMPv3 to access the MIB data.

    [See Configuring SNMP on NFX150, NFX250 NextGen, and NFX350 Devices.]

  • Remote port mirroring to IPv6 address (EX4650, EX4650-48Y-VC, QFX5120-32C, QFX5120-48T, QFX5120-48T-VC, QFX5120-48Y, QFX5120-48Y-VC, and QFX5120-48YM)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 21.4R1, you can use remote port mirroring to copy packets entering or exiting a port or entering a VLAN and send the copies to the IPv6 address of a device running an analyzer application on a remote network (sometimes referred to as extended port mirroring). When you use remote port mirroring to an IPv6 address, the mirrored packets are GRE-encapsulated.

    Add the address you would like to have the copied packets sent to in the CLI hierarchy. For example, set forwarding-options analyzer ff output ip-address 2000::1.

    [See Understanding Port Mirroring and Analyzers.]

  • Support for port mirroring and analyzers with Layer 3 VXLAN gateway (QFX5210)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.4R1, the QFX5210 supports port mirroring when used as a Layer 3 VXLAN gateway. However, the QFX5210 does not support true egress mirroring. Packet contents are different when you configure egress mirroring on the network port. Layer 2 fields in the mirrored packets are undefined, and you should not consider those fields for validation.

    [See Port Mirroring and Analyzers and Using a RIOT Loopback Port to Route Traffic in an EVPN-VXLAN Network.]