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Resolved Issues: 21.4R2

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The uplink interface remains down for a longer duration due to VXLAN scaled configuration. PR1631448


  • Few ARP/ND/MAC entries for VLANs are missing with MAC-VRF configuration. PR1609322

  • IRB proxy-arp unrestricted might not work if EVPN/l2alm proxy is enabled. PR1613201

  • Multiple memory leaks might be seen leading to rpd process crash. PR1626416

  • The MAC address might not be visible in the EVPN/VXLAN environment. PR1645591

General Routing

  • FIPS mode is not supported. PR1530951

  • When soft loopback port and analyzer configurations are committed together, mirror ingress to local port is not working . PR1581542

  • During FRR, when more than one multi home interface is down, traffic might loop for QFX5110. PR1596589

  • Error message "error: syntax error: request-package-validate" will be seen on device CLI output during non-stop software upgrade. PR1596955

  • The dcpfe/FPC process might crash on the QFX10000 Series platforms in a rare case. PR1597479

  • The interface on SFP-T or SFP-SX might stop forwarding traffic on EX4600. PR1598805

  • EVPN-VXLAN:QFX10008: RE1 went to DB prompt when tried loading profile configurations over LRM configurations. PR1598814

  • QFX5200: Observed dcpfe core file while testing unified ISSU from Junos OS Release 21.1R1.11 to Junos OS Release 21.2R1.7. PR1600807

  • Removing and adding Virtual Chassis ports might cause the FPC to reboot. PR1601557

  • InterDC traffic loss might be seen in MAC-VRF EVI with trap statistics "dlu.ucode.discard". PR1601961

  • Chassisd generates "Cannot read hw.chassis.startup_time value: m" every 5 seconds on QFX10008 and QFX10016. PR1603588

  • FPC might crash post firewall filter configuration changes in QFX Series platforms. PR1608610

  • The ports might remain in downstate on QFX5000 platforms. PR1611354

  • ARP resolution for data traffic received over type5 might fail. PR1612905

  • FPC might crash after the device restarts in EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1613702

  • Removing the optical module "JNP-SFPP-10GE-T" from a port might cause certain ports to go down. PR1614139

  • The BFD session might flap on the QFX5120-48YM platform. PR1616692

  • One-time interface flap might be seen on the QFX5120 platform. PR1618891

  • BGP session might not establish between loopback interfaces when routes are learnt through type5 EVPN routes. PR1620642

  • EVPN-VXLAN type5 traffic might fail on the Spine device of QFX1000. PR1620924

  • Host generated IPv4 traffic sent over IPv6 next-hop with IRB interface might get dropped. PR1623262

  • Interface on QFX5200 does not come up after swapping from 100G to 40G. PR1623283

  • MACsec session might flap if multiple logical interfaces are created on the single physical interface. PR1624524

  • PKID might crash and generate a core file when there is limited memory available on the Routing Engine. PR1624613

  • QFX5000 log messages: fpc0 SRIRAM Tx VxLAN Ucast: ifd_out = vtep dst_gport is (c00000X) are observed. PR1624925

  • Traffic loss might be observed after configuring VXLAN over IRB interface. PR1625285

  • The no-incoming-port statement is not applied after reboot on QFX10002 and QFX10008 platforms. PR1625988

  • The third 802.1Q tag might not be pushed onto the stack in the Q-in-Q tunneling. PR1626011

  • Routing Engine generated traffic might not be forwarded when next-hop is indirect unilist of EVPN type 5 tunnel. PR1627363

  • QFX10002-60C platform might not respond back to ICMP packets received with TTL or hop limit value of 1. PR1627566

  • Layer 3 traffic failure might be observed with scaled MC-LAG configuration on QFX10002, QFX10008, and QFX10016 platforms. PR1627846

  • Traffic loss might be observed due to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) getting programmed as indirect next-hop by control plane for external routes distributed over IRB on QFX10000 Junos platforms. PR1627876

  • 802.1p BA classification might not work on mixed Virtual Chassis when the interface has a DSCP and 802.1p classifier. PR1628447

  • DHCP inform ACK might be sent with broadcast address when DHCP smart relay is used. PR1628837

  • The vmhost crash might be seen in a rare condition when a route is added or changed. PR1629200

  • Some ports (port 20 and above) might not come up on QFX5110-32Q VC after the device restarts or Packet Forwarding Engine reboots. PR1629231

  • The interface on the peer device might remain up even after disabling the 10G interface on the Juniper device. PR1629637

  • Traffic might get dropped when family ethernet-switching is configured on the interface in Q-in-Q scenario. PR1629680

  • show interface extensive might not show local or remote fault. PR1629735

  • LACP timeout might be observed during high CPU utilization. PR1630201

  • QFX5000 : Chassis Status LED does not work as described in the document. PR1630380

  • Inner VLAN might be stripped off when input-native-vlan-push is disabled. PR1631771

  • The interface might remain in the "UP/UP" state even the interface is disabled for administrator. PR1632440

  • You might see a slow response or timeout on the CLI or SNMP with accessing to sxe-0/0/0 on QFX5120-48T-6c. PR1632620

  • The FBF filtered VLAN traffic will not be passed properly to the forwarding routing instances over aggregated Ethernet interfaces on QFX5000 platforms. PR1633452

  • Traffic loss after MAC ages. PR1633879

  • The VCPs connected with the AOC cable might not come up after upgrading to Junos OS Release 17.3 or later. PR1633998

  • Data might not be exchanged via EVPN-VxLAN domain. PR1635347

  • chassisd might crash if chassis disk-partition is configured. PR1635812

  • Traffic might silently be dropped or discarded when STP is configured in VxLAN environment. PR1636950

  • Configuring L2PT on a transit switch in a Q-in-Q environment breaks L2PT for other S-VLANs. PR1637249

  • Delay might be observed for the interfaces to come up after reboot or transceiver replacement. PR1638045

  • Targeted broadcast or WOL feature might not work on QFX5000 platforms. PR1638619

  • In a VCF scenario on QFX5100, VCP interfaces might flap or not come up at all and CRC errors might increase. PR1639543

  • MAC-move might be observed when dhcp-security is configured. PR1639926

  • MAC address of the hosts might get learned on incorrect VLAN which might lead to traffic loss. PR1639938

  • On QFX Series base license is missing after upgrading to Junos OS Release 20.3 and later. PR1640123

  • ICMP TTL exceeded packets are not sent out of the switch. PR1643457

  • Packets are dropped in ingress QFX5000 with EVPN-LAG multihoming due to VP-LAG programming issue. PR1644152

  • VxLAN tunnel termination due to change in configuration. PR1646489

  • The VCP link might take longer time to come up during system reboot/Packet Forwarding Engine restarts. PR1651316

Interfaces and Chassis

  • show vrrp extensive does not show the next logical interface "Interface VRRP PDU statistics". PR1637735

  • Traffic loss might be seen for the MAC addresses learned on the ICL interface. PR1639713


  • MPLS VPN packets drop due to missing ARP entry on PE device. PR1607169

  • Unexpected traffic loss on LSP headend might be observed when downstream IGP metric changes. PR1625438

  • Traffic towards MPLS core file is not rerouted to alternate port on QFX5000 platforms. PR1627002

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The packet drop might be seen on FPC on MX Series based platforms. PR1631313

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • The rpd process might get stuck at 100 percent when EVPN vrf-target is enabled and after any configuration change. PR1616167

Routing Protocols

  • Time delay to export prefixes to BGP neighbors might occur post applying peer-specific BGP export policies. PR1626367

  • The BFD session might go down when multiple addresses of same subnet are configured. PR1635700