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Resolved Issues: 21.4R2

General Routing

  • FIPS mode is not supported. PR1530951

  • IS-IS adjacency is not coming up through TCC l2circuit. PR1590387

  • On PTX devices, inconsistency in the platform name used in multiple places, version, snmp mibs, etc. PR1597999

  • Traffic loss might be observed with some MPLS labels in multipath BGP scenarios. PR1618507

  • EAPol packets over Layer 2 circuit might get dropped at the tunnel start. PR1628196

  • On PTX devices, ddos-protection protocols group ARP counters not showing correct values. PR1629097

  • SNMP trap message for FPC restart shows FRU removal instead of Fru Offline/Fru Power off. PR1629738

  • Multiple link flaps and traffic might be lost on the links. PR1630006

  • RPD core might be observed with warm-standby configurations due to reference counting issues. PR1631871

  • SPMB might crash immediately after a switchover. PR1637950

  • CCL:NGPR: RPD_KRT_RESPOSE_ERROR: krt change failed for prefix <> error from kernel is "EINVAL -- Bad parameter in request PR1638745

  • MAC-VRF does not support MAC limit configuration. PR1647327

Interfaces and Chassis

  • After USB upgrade, primary role is getting resolved but FPC's are not coming online.PR1637636

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface remains up instead of down after deleting loopback and ae interface IP on neighbor while verifying BFD sessions on router. PR1640240


  • Unexpected traffic loss on LSP headend might be observed when downstream IGP metric changes. PR1625438

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On PTX platforms, vmcore on primary Routing Engine might be reported due to mbuf corruption. PR1602442

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd might crash and restart when NSR is enabled. PR1620463

  • The rpd might crash after clearing IS-IS database. PR1631738

  • The BGP route might still be present in the multi-path route after increased IGP cost. PR1643665