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Resolved Issues: 21.4R1

General Routing

  • Routing Engine switchover does not work as expected while solid-state drive (SSD) failure occurs.PR1437745

  • The device might run out of service post GRES or unified ISSU. PR1558958

  • MPLS jflow packets are dropped on the MPLS interfaces. PR1559390

  • Upgrading PTX1000 platforms with unified SSDs (2x32G SSD) might result in boot loop in certain scenario. PR1571275

  • Mirrored packets get corrupted when a filter is applied with the port-mirror and discard action.PR1576914

  • File permissions are changed for /var/db/scripts files after reboot on PTX platforms. PR1583839

  • High FPC CPU utilization might be seen on PTX10002-60C platform. PR1585728

  • The RPD_KRT_KERNEL_BAD_ROUTE error message is seen in certain scenarios when the rpd process restarts or GRES happens when NSR is enabled. This error has no functional impact. PR1586466

  • The na-grpc process crash might be seen and existing telemetry connections will be disconnected. PR1587956

  • PTX1000 RCB FIPS 140-2 Level 1 - certification support. PR1590640

  • The l2cpd agent might become unresponsive after starting the telemetry service. PR1592473

  • Layer 2 VPN stops forwarding when interface encapsulation is changed to vlan-ccc from ethernet-ccc and back. PR1595455

  • [MPC10E] messages log will be filled with Temp Sensor Fail alarm set/clear and cmtfpc_cpu_core_temp_get: Fail to get temp CPU7_PMB messages. PR1597798

  • On PTX10001-36MR platforms, inconsistency in the platform name used in multiple places, version, snmp mibs, etc. PR1597999

  • On PTX10008 routers, the EVPN-VXLAN shared tunnel commands must be removed. PR1598142

  • On PTX1000 platforms, sFlow data (for example: inner VLAN and outer VLAN value, forwarding-class, and DSCP value) is not exported while checking from server flow records at the collector for ingress sampling. PR1598263

  • The unilist nexthop might get stuck after interface flap on PTX. PR1598309

  • False fan failure alarm flaps (set and cleared) frequently. PR1599183

  • CRC errors increase continuously after interface flap. PR1600768

  • Traffic might get silently dropped and discarded due to the RS Fatal error on FPC-PTX-P1-A, FPC2-PTX-P1A, FPC-SFF-PTX-P1-A, and FPC-SFF-PTX-T. PR1600935

  • The l2circuit packets with PVST and RPVST destination multicast MAC might get dropped. PR1601360

  • OutputInt=0 in JFLOW data reported to collector. PR1601531

  • The IPv6 traffic might get impacted on the PTX platforms when an IPv6 route resolves over a dynamic tunnel. PR1602007

  • Junos OS, PTX10002-60C System: After upgrading, configured firewall filters might be applied on incorrect interfaces (CVE-2021-31382). PR1602292

  • FPC is not fully offline after FPC BAD_VOLTAGE fault is reported. PR1602556

  • In Junos OS, an l2cpd memory leak can occur when specific LLDP packets are received leading to a DoS (CVE-2022-22172). PR1602588

  • Packet loss might be seen on filter-based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • Traffic loss might be seen on the device due to the continuous errors happening on Fabric Healing process (FHP) phase-1. PR1603499

  • The discard and redirect function might not take effect if changing action from then redirect x.x.x.x to then discard or vice-versa. PR1603872

  • The FPC pic-mode configuration might not be committed successfully. PR1605148

  • Link flaps might be observed momentarily on PTX5000 platforms. PR1606008

  • Memory leaks might be observed on the l2cpd process when you perform certain LLDP operations. PR1608699

  • MACsec session might be dropped due to one way congestion. PR1611091

  • The FPC 0 Major Errors alarm might be seen on PTX10002-60C due to a rare timing issue. PR1613229

  • Line-cards might be unstable due to the continuous growing memory usage of evo-cda-bt app. PR1614952

  • VCCV for LDP signaled pseudowire goes down periodically on PTX10008 and PTX10004 with Junos OS. PR1615419

  • 90% traffic got dropped when the number of Switch Interface Board (SIB) plane is reduced from 4 to 3 on PTX10008 and PTX10016. PR1615942

  • Slow memory leak (32 bytes each time) of rpd might be seen. PR1616065

  • Memory leak might be seen when LLDP is configured.PR1617151

  • While migration from Junos OS to Junos OS Evolved, customer have to delete chassis redundancy failover or set chassis redundancy failover disable. PR1617720

  • Performance of Jflow service might be impacted on PTX platforms. PR1617932

  • /interfaces/interface/subinterfaces/subinterface/state/counters not exported during initial sync for on-change. PR1620160

  • EAPol packets over l2circuit might get dropped at the tunnel start. PR1628196

  • RPD core might be observed with warm-standby configurations due to reference counting issues. PR1631871

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Junos telemetry interface optics sensor's alarm data type changed from bool_val to str_val. PR1580113

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Uneven traffic distribution might be observed between member links of LAG. PR1599029

  • BFD hold-down timer does not work properly when LAG is configured. PR1616764


  • Soft-Preemption does not work after applying subscription 0 configuration on the RSVP interfaces. PR1587177

  • The LDP replication session might not get synchronized when the dual-transport is enabled.PR1598174

  • VPLS connection might get down if the dual-transport statement is configured.PR1601854

  • LDP does not support policy import with rib-groups. PR1611081

  • IPv4 Prefixes might be associated into both IPv4 and IPv6 LDP database after Routing Engine switchover. PR1611338

  • The RPD crash might happen due to reference count leak in routing table metrics. PR1615001

Network Management and Monitoring

  • OC timezone configuration not reflecting in the existing session if Junos timezone configuration in groups is deactivated. PR1608876

  • On PTX10008 platforms, syslog does not log information on IPv4 after upgrade. PR1611504

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • BGP route preference using PBR is not applied to all the routes when CCNH inet6 is enabled. PR1596436

  • Filters in openconfig acl execute terms in the order of their definition and not based on sequence-ids. PR1621620

Routing Protocols

  • rpd crash might be seen with Telemetry used setup. PR1607667

  • Delay in adding or removing static routes from the router. PR1612173

  • Undesired protection path might get selected for some destination prefixes. PR1614683

  • The rpd might crash and restart when NSR is enabled. PR1620463

User Interface and Configuration

  • The file copy failure is seen via Netconf or operation script. PR1597550

  • The commitd core file might be observed after committing some configuration change. PR1601159