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Resolved Issues: 21.4R1

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • IDP predefined-attack-groups "Enterprise - Recommended" policy load fails on NFX250 NextGen devices due to insufficient heap memory on the data plane. PR1588881


  • Unable to configure destination-port on firewall filter on NFX250 NextGen devices.PR1592019

  • On NFX Series devices, deletion of VNF interfaces that are mapped SR-IOV interface fails. PR1598993
  • L3 dataplane interfaces are not appearing when flex mode is enabled on NFX350-S3 devices. PR1599643

Platform and Infrastructure

  • When the available free physical memory drops below 1.5 GB, configuration commits by Junos Device Management Daemon (JDMD) might not take effect and mustd core files are seen. This issue does not have any impact on the running traffic. PR1599641

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

  • On NFX Series devices, while configuring vmhost vlans using vlan-id-list, the system allows duplicate VLAN IDs in the VLAN ID list. PR1438907