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Resolved Issues: 21.4R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The TCP-ECN traffic might not be forwarded with high priority. PR1585854


  • Traffic loss might occur under the EVPN scenario when MAC-IP moves from one CE interface to another. PR1591264

  • The device announces router-MAC, target, and EVPN VXLAN community to the BGP IPv4 NLRI. PR1600653

  • Traffic sent by the QFX5000 leaf to remote leaf with link goes into the Down state. PR1605375

  • The MAC-table aging timeout fails in some scenarios. PR1612866

General Routing

  • Routing Engine switchover does not work as expected when SSD fails. PR1437745

  • Unexpected next-hop might occur after the route gets deleted. PR1477603

  • The interface might go into the Blocking state impacting the traffic when the link-protection switches from primary to backup. PR1555294

  • On the QFX5100 line of switches, the Virtual Chassis Port (VCP) might not come up after upgrading to Junos OS Release18.4R2-S4 or later. PR1555741

  • On the QFX5110 line of switches, the untagged traffic routed over native-vlan might be dropped. PR1560038

  • The na-grpcd process might generate core files during the longevity tests. PR1565255

  • The MAC address points to an incorrect interface after traffic stops and not ages out. PR1565624

  • On the QFX10000 line of switches, the dcpfe and fpc process might crash if the ARP MAC moves. PR1572876

  • On the QFX10K2-60C line of switches, the disk missing alarm does not get generated. PR1573139

  • On QFX Series switches, when a VRF instance configuration exists and you upgrade to Junos OS Release 20.3 or later and commit the upgrade might generate the warning: requires 'l3vpn' license" warning message. PR1575608

  • On the QFX10000 line of switches, the port might not be brought down immediately during some abnormal type of line card reboot. PR1577315

  • On QFX5000 line of switches, the show route detail command might not display the Next-hop type IPoIP Chained comp nexthop in the output. PR1584322

  • ARP resolution for data traffic received over Type5 might fail. PR1612905

  • The l2cpd process generates a core file with the FIP snooping configuration on any interface. PR1617632

  • Junos OS does not support the Dot1x based firewall policers. PR1619405

  • On the QFX5100 line of switches, some 40G ports might not be channelized successfully. PR1582105

  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, the firewall filter does not get programmed after you delete a large filter and add a new one in a single commit. PR1583440

  • File permissions changes for the /var/db/scripts files after a reboot. PR1583839

  • On the QFX10002-60C line of switches, high FPC CPU utilization might occur. PR1585728

  • On the QFX5210-64C line of switches, the PSU firmware upgrades through Junos OS. PR1589572

  • On the QFX5120 line of switches, the MPLS traffic might not be forwarded after the aggregate interface flaps. PR1589840

  • The Virtual Chassis mastership changes and the connection drops after renumbering the backup member ID. PR1590358

  • On the QFX5120-48T line of switches after removing 1G speed on interfaces, the interface does not come back as 10G. PR1591038

  • Routing Engine kernel might crash due to logical interface of the aggregated interface, adding failure in the Junos OS kernel. PR1592456

  • The IPv4 fragmented packets might be broken if you configure PTP transparent clock. PR1592463

  • The BFD session might flap during the Routing Engine switchover. PR1593244

  • The dcpfe process might crash in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1593950

  • Packet might drop in the ECMP next-hop flap scenario. PR1594030

  • ARP entry might be missed intermittently after FPC reboots. PR1594255

  • The label field for the EVPN Type-1 route gets set to 1. PR1594981

  • The re-installation of the Type-5 tunnels might fail in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1595197

  • The DCI InterVNI and IntraVNI traffic might be silently discarded in the gateway node due to the tagged underlay interfaces. PR1596462

  • The mcscnoopd process might crash when you delete or add the Layer 2 forwarding configuration after ISSU. PR1596483

  • The fpc0 bcm pkt reinsert failed log gets generates in the log messages in an aggressive way. PR1596643

  • Traffic might be dropped after the backup FPC reboots in a Virtual Chassis scenario. PR1596773

  • The interface might not be brought up when you configure QinQ. PR1597261

  • Deletion of MACsec configuration on an logical interface does not work. PR1597848

  • The socket connection drops as the keepalive timer expires with port 33015. PR1598019

  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, sFlow impacts on ICMP traffic. PR1598239

  • On the OFX5100, QFX5110, QFX5120, QFX5200, and QFX5210 line of switches, the DDoS violations might be reported for the IP multicast miss traffic (IPMCAST-MISS) incorrectly. PR1598678

  • File permissions changes for the /var/db/scripts files after reboot. PR1599365

  • On the QFX10002-60C line of switches, the Layer 3 traffic silently gets discarded with the IRB interface. PR1599692

  • Not able to disable the management port em1. PR1600905

  • On QFX5120-48y-8c line of switches, the dcpfe process generates core file while issuing the show pfe vxlan nh-usage command in the ERB EMC scenario with around 6000 ARP entries. PR1601949

  • InterDC traffic loss might occur in the MAC-VRF EVI with the dlu.ucode.discard trap status. PR1601961

  • The IPv6 traffic might be impacted when an IPv6 route resolves over a dynamic tunnel. PR1602007

  • Under certain scaling scenarios with EVPN-VXLAN configurations, the l2ald process might be aborted and then recovered. PR1602244

  • The egress interface of the GRE tunnel does not dynamically get updated when the destination to tunnel changes. PR1602391

  • FPC goes into the Down state and the dcpfe process might generate core file in some cases. PR1602583

  • Traffic loss might occur in the MC-LAG scenario. PR1602811

  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, traffic might be dropped in the Virtual Chassis scenario when you configure the firewall filter. PR1602914

  • On the QFX5120 line of switches, traffic gets mirrored even after deactivating the analyzer configuration. PR1603192

  • Unicast DHCP packets might get flooded when you configure the DHCP relay in the non-default routing-instance. PR1603444

  • Packet loss might occur on the filter-based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • Duplicate packets might appear when you bring up all the interfaces on the spine switch. PR1604393

  • The carrier transition counter might not get incremented upon link flap after the reboot. PR1605037

  • MAC might move between the ICL and MC-LAG interface if you add or remove VLANs on the ICL interface. PR1605234

  • Multicast streams might stop flooding in the VXLAN setup. PR1606256

  • The Virtual Chassis ports might remain in the Down state after you remove and add the ports. PR1606705

  • The LLDP packets received on VXLAN-enabled port might be flooded unexpectedly. PR1607249

  • The fxpc process might crash and generate a core file. PR1607372

  • Ping to lo0/IRB over Type-5 fails. PR1610093

  • On the QFX10000 line of switches, continuous Layer 3 traffic might drop with the MC-LAG configuration. PR1610173

  • The QFX Virtual Chassis might lose license on Junos OS Release 21.2R1. PR1610272

  • On the QFX10002-60C line of switches, continuous FPC might crash and the dcpfe process might generate core file. PR1612871

  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, the VLAN firewall filter does not get deleted in the Packet Forwarding Engine after configuration changes. PR1614767

  • The l2ald process might crash in the EVPN scenario. PR1615269

  • The BFD session might get become nonresponsive in the Init state after l2-learning restart due to incomplete ARP resolutions. PR1618280

  • Disabled VCP (Virtual chassis port) might go into the Up state after the optic is reseated. PR1619997

  • Traffic might be lost after configuring VXLAN over the IRB interface. PR1625285

  • Need to implement the show task scheduler-slip-history command to display the number of the scheduler slips and the last 64 slip details. PR1626148


  • The Host 0 Active Disk Usage Exceeded alarm might be generated due to large files, which were already marked as deleted. PR1601251


  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, traffic loss occurs after the STP topology changes. PR1616878

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Traffic received on a port in the LACP Detached state might be incorrectly forwarded. PR1582459

  • The DHCP client might become offline for about 120 seconds after sending the DHCPINFORM message. PR1587982

Routing Protocols

  • The remaining BFD sessions of the aggregated Ethernet interface flaps continuously if one of the BFD sessions gets deleted. PR1516556

  • The IPv4 static route might still forward traffic unexpectedly even when the static route configuration has already been deleted. PR1599084

  • On the QFX10002 line of switches, the verification of BGP peer count fails after deleting the BGP neighbors. PR1618103

  • Time delay to export prefixes to BGP neighbors might occur post applying peer-specific BGP export policies. PR1626367