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Flow-Based and Packet-Based Processing

  • Express Path+ for Layer 2 secure-wire traffic (SRX4600, SRX5400, SRX5600, and SRX5800)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.4R1, we've added support for Express Path+ to secure-wire interfaces. This support allows the SRX device to automatically accelerate the flow traversing secure-wire interfaces with their network processor, increasing throughput and decreasing latency.

    [See Express Path.]

  • Support for fat flow (SRX4100, SRX4200, SRX4600, SRX5400, SRX5600, SRX5800, and vSRX 3.0)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.4R1, we support fat flow technology to improve the firewall and NAT throughput value up to 10 times of the current value.

    [See Understanding Symmetric Fat IPsec Tunnel.]