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Resolved Issues: 21.4R2

General Routing

  • FIPS mode is not supported.PR1530951

  • Filter with forwarding-class and destination-class combined might not work. PR1595788

  • Junos OS Evolved, adding configuration hash-key family inet layer-4 disables inet Hash-key Protocol. PR1648156

  • On QFX5700 devices, packets are getting dropped after channelization on 16x100G FPC card. PR1656065


  • Tunnel interface might fail to come up if configured at the same time as its routing instance. PR1616920

  • On QFX5220 devices, change in the output for L3VPN.inet6 route table in show route forwarding-table summary | display xml command. PR1653182

Network Management and Monitoring

  • False traffic spikes seen SNMP graphs when ifHCOutOctets or ifHCInOctets are used . PR1635958

  • On all QFX platforms running Junos OS Evolved, the remote attacker might cause a CPU Denial of Service by sending genuine traffic to a device on a specific IPv4 port.PR1636338