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Resolved Issues: 21.4R1

General Routing

  • Egress IP MTU exception and fragmentation are not supported. PR1558327

  • High CPU seen mostly with systemd with 4000 mac-vrf instances activate or deactivate. PR1581283

  • PICD restart or crash might result in junk statistics for carrier transition. PR1594253

  • Default CoS profiles applied to Layer 2 VPN and Layer 2 circuit logical interfaces are not shown in the output of run show class-of-service-interface IF. PR1596342

  • Few label switched interfaces (LSI) MACs do not get properly learnt in the software with 8000 VPLS instance scale. PR1597125

  • In scaled scenarios (4k BDs, IRBs), with restart of l2ald and pfe daemons, arpd and ndp daemon crash is observed and it recovers by itself and no functionality impact is seen. PR1598217

  • The egress access control list (ACL) actions are skipped for Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast (BUM) traffic and does not hit. PR1598489

  • The Address Resolution Protocols (ARPs) might not be resolved on the integrated routing and bridging (IRB) interface which is replaced by another IRB interface. PR1600209

  • For ACX7100-32C and ACX7100-48L routers, the Voltage Threshold Crossed alarm might be observed sometimes. PR1601493

  • Traffic loss might be observed when evo-pfemand restarts. PR1608004

  • Default dscp-ipv6-compatibility classification does not work when deactivating and then activating dscp-ipv6 classification scenario. PR1614249

  • PCI device missing FPC[0] FPC supercon FPGA alarms are observed. PR1615519

  • On performing request system snapshot, the snapshot message is not captured in the /etc/motd file. PR1618946

  • On ACX7100-32C and ACX7100-48L, the show system firmware command some times might show current firmware version for FPC 0 as blank. PR1618949


  • Memory leak is observed in packet send path. PR1620610

  • Lookups command might not work. PR1608401

User Interface and Configuration

  • The file copy command does not accept HTTPS URLs. PR1596881

  • The file copy failure is seen via netconf or operation script. PR1597550