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What’s Changed in Release 21.3R3

General Routing

  • Stateful port configuration for PTP over Ethernet and default profile is supported only on boundary clock mode and not on ordinary clock mode.

  • OpenConfig container names for Point-to-Multipoint per interface ingress and egress sensors are modified for consistency from "signalling" to "signaling".

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Display the donor details of the IPv6 borrower interface? The output for the show interfaces command now displays the donor details of the IPv6 borrower interface.

    See [show interfaces.]


  • Disable sending of RSVP hellos over a bypass LSP (MX Series)—Junos routers send RSVP hello packets over a bypass LSP (when one is present), instead of the IGP next hop. To return to the original behavior specify the no-node-hello-on-bypass option.

    [See no-node-hello-on-bypass.]

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Changes when deactivating or deleting instances of the ephemeral configuration database (ACX Series, EX Series, MX Series, PTX Series, QFX Series, SRX Series, vMX, and vSRX)—The following changes apply when you deactivate or delete ephemeral database instances in the static configuration database:
    • When you deactivate the entire [edit system configuration-database ephemeral] hierarchy level, the device deletes the files and corresponding configuration data for all user-defined ephemeral instances. In earlier releases, the files and configuration data are preserved; however, the configuration data is not merged with the static configuration database.

    • When you delete an ephemeral instance in the static configuration database, the instance's configuration files are also deleted. In earlier releases, the configuration files are preserved.

    • You can delete the files and corresponding configuration data for the default ephemeral database instance by configuring the delete-ephemeral-default statement in conjunction with the ignore-ephemeral-default statement at the [edit system configuration-database ephemeral] hierarchy level.

      See [Enable and Configure Instances of the Ephemeral Configuration Database.]