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Resolved Issues: 21.3R3

General Routing

  • When soft loopback port and analyzer configurations are committed together, hardware might not get programmed with the analyzer. This issue is not seen when physical loopback is used to achieve the same. PR1581542

  • During FRR, when more than one multihome interface is down, traffic might get loop for QFX5110 platforms. PR1596589

  • Error message error: syntax error: request-package-validate will be seen on device CLI output during non stop software upgrade. PR1596955

  • EVPN-VXLAN:QFX10008 device: RE1 went to DB prompt when tried loading profile configurations over LRM configurations. PR1598814

  • The SFP-T port might stop forwarding traffic on EX4600 devices. PR1600291

  • On QFX5200 devices, observed dcpfe core-dump while testing unified ISSU from Junos OS Release 21.1R1.11 to Release 21.2R1.7. PR1600807

  • Chassisd generates cannot read hw.chassis.startup_time value: m every 5 seconds on QFX10008 and QFX10016 devices. PR1603588

  • The ports might remain in downstate on QFX5000 devices. PR1611354

  • The packet drop might be seen when packet size exceeds 9000 MTU. PR1615447

  • The BFD session might flap on the QFX5120-48YM devices. PR1616692

  • One-time interface flap might be seen on the QFX5120 devices. PR1618891

  • BGP session might not establish between loopback interfaces when routes are learnt through type5 EVPN routes. PR1620642

  • Host generated IPv4 traffic sent over IPv6 next-hop with IRB interface might get dropped. PR1623262

  • Interface on QFX52xx not coming up after swapping from 100G to 40G. PR1623283

  • In rare circumstances, PKID might crash and generate a core file when there was limited memory available on the Routing Engine. PR1624613

  • The third 802.1Q tag might not be pushed onto the stack in the Q-in-Q tunneling. PR1626011

  • Traffic loss might be observed due to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) getting programmed as indirect next-hop by control plane for external routes distributed over IRB on Junos QFX10000 devices. PR1627876

  • DHCP inform ack might be sent with broadcast address when DHCP smart relay is used. PR1628837

  • Some ports (port 20 and above) on QFX5110-32Q Virtual Chassis might not come up after a device restart or Packet Forwarding Engine reboot PR1629231

  • Traffic might get dropped when family ethernet-switching is configured on the interface in Q-in-Q scenario. PR1629680

  • LACP timeout might be observed during high CPU utilization. PR1630201

  • Inner VLAN might be stripped off when input-native-vlan-push is disabled. PR1631771

  • The interface might remain in the "UP/UP" state even the interface is admin disabled. PR1632440

  • You might see a slow response or timeout on the CLI or SNMP with accessing to sxe-0/0/0 on QFX5120-48T-6c. PR1632620

  • The FBF filtered VLAN traffic will not be passed properly to the forwarding routing instances over aggregated Ethernet interfaces on QFX5000 devices. PR1633452

  • When a new member is added to the VCF, the backup FPC will restart. PR1634533

  • Routes might be slow to install in the LPM table. PR1635887

  • Traffic blackhole might be observed when STP is configured in VxLAN environment. PR1636950

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine might crash while removing the port from a VLAN. PR1637013

  • Configuring L2PT on a transit switch in a Q-in-Q environment breaks L2PT for other S-VLANs. PR1637249

  • Delay might be observed for the interfaces to come up after reboot or transceiver replacement. PR1638045

  • Targeted broadcast or WOL feature might not work on QFX5000 devices.PR1638619

  • In a VCF scenario on QFX5100 devices, VCP interfaces might flap or not come up at all and CRC errors might increase. PR1639543

  • MAC-move might be observed when dhcp-security is configured. PR1639926

  • MAC address of the hosts might get learned on incorrect VLAN which might lead to traffic loss. PR1639938

  • On QFX devices base license is missing post upgrade to Junos OS 20.3 Release and later releases. PR1640123

  • ICMP TTL exceeded packets are not sent out of the switch. PR1643457

  • Packets are dropped in ingress QFX5000 with EVPN-LAG multihoming due to VP-LAG programming issue. PR1644152

  • Vxlan Tunnel termination due to change in configuration. PR1646489

  • The firewall might drop inbound packets if the filter is configured under IRB interface. PR1646740

  • OSPF control packets might get dropped due to the flow check function in the interoperability case. PR1648272

  • The local-minimum-links feature not working as expected on QFX5100 Virtual Chassis devices. PR1649637

  • The local-bias might stop working after the device is rebooted. PR1651151

  • The VCP link might take longer time to come up during system reboot or Packet Forwarding Engine restart. PR1651316

  • LACP sent IN SYNC to server facing interface when core-isolation is in effect. PR1654459

  • On QFX devices, OSPF Flow Check function violating RFC6864. PR1660369

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The uplink interface remains down for a longer duration due to VXLAN scaled configuration. PR1631448

  • The fixed classifier might not work in MPLS and VXLAN scenario. PR1650051


  • Few ARP/ND/MAC entries for Vlans are missing with MAC-VRF configuration. PR1609322

  • IRB proxy-arp unrestricted might not work if EVPN/l2alm proxy is enabled. PR1613201

  • The MAC address might not be visible in the EVPN/VXLAN environment. PR1645591

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The show vrrp extensive doesn't show the next IFL Interface VRRP PDU statistics. PR1637735

  • Traffic loss might be seen for the MAC addresses learned on the ICL interface. PR1639713

  • Incorrect configuration and rollback might cause issues with ARP learning between ICL interface and local MC-AE interfaces. PR1648271

Network Management and Monitoring

  • VTEP might report a high speed on the sub-interface, causing SNMP alarms. PR1651774


  • IS-IS BFD sessions might take a long time to recover when the interface flaps. PR1593959

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The packet drop might be seen on FPC on Trio based platforms. PR1631313

Routing Protocols

  • The BFD session might be down when multiple addresses of same subnet are configured. PR1635700