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Resolved Issues: 21.3R3

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The SNMP_TRAP_LINK_UP and SNMP_TRAP_LINK_DOWN traps might be seen while activating and deactivating firewall filters. PR1609838

  • The vrrpd core file might be observed after interface state change. PR1646480

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Option 82 might not be attached on DHCP request packets. PR1625604

  • DHCP packets might not be sent to the clients when forward-only is reconfigured under the routing instance. PR1651768

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Some interfaces might be down after the power outage or power cycle. PR1580829

  • VSTP might not work in Q in Q environment. PR1622404

  • Traffic loss might be seen when the interface fails to verify the parameter "LOCAL-FAULT". PR1623215

  • The ARP resolution might fail on VRRP enabled interface. PR1630616

  • Application of firewall filters might break connectivity towards the hosts on EX4300. PR1630935

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine might crash when Virtual Chassis member flaps on EX platforms. PR1634781

  • SCB reset with the zfchip_scan line = 844 name = failed due to PIO errors error. PR1648850

  • FXPC might crash and generate a core file due to segmentation fault during VCCP flapping. PR1655530

  • Junos 'et-' interface gets stuck and remains down between two particular ports. PR1535078

  • The error: syntax error: request-package-validate error message displays on the device CLI output during Non Stop Software Upgrade. PR1596955

  • The SFP-T port might stop forwarding traffic on EX4600 platforms. PR1600291

  • The error message BCM_PVLAN_UTILS:ERR:pfe_bcm_pvlan_utils_get_sec_bd(),789: Failed to get Secondary-bd is logged when received a dhcp packet on private VLAN. PR1630553

  • Traffic loss for 20 seconds on Virtual Chassis with ae link-protection when rebooting backup FPC. PR1633115

  • The fxpc process crash might be triggered when a MAC is aging out. PR1634433

  • IRB traffic drop might be observed when mac-persistence-timer expires. PR1636422

  • Configuring L2PT on a transit switch in a Q-in-Q environment breaks L2PT for other S-VLANs. PR1637249

  • MAC address might not be learned on the new interface after MAC move. PR1637784

  • There might be a delay for the interfaces to come up after reboot/transceiver replacement. PR1638045

  • MAC-move might be observed when you configure dhcp-security. PR1639926

  • The error message dot1xd devrt_rtsock Don't know how to handle message type 2 is logged even if dot1x is not set. PR1641304

  • The VMcore might be observed on EX platforms in rare scenario. PR1641988

  • Interface running MACsec might flap in EX4600. PR1642001

  • Traffic impact might be seen if persistent-learning is enabled on an interface. PR1643258

  • Traffic loop might occur due to STP ports not created in new master Routing Engine after switchover due to reboot of master RE on EX4300, EX3400, and EX2300 platforms in Virtual Chassis (VC) scenario. PR1647000

  • The VCP link might take longer time to come up during system reboot/PFE restart. PR1651316

  • EX4300-48MP does not generate long ICMPv6 messages. PR1655654

Virtual Chassis

  • Virtual chassis instability is observed when members are rebooted. PR1650967