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Resolved Issues: 21.3R1


  • EVPN option is missing under routing-instances routing-instance-name protocols hierarchy level. PR1581821

Forwarding and Sampling

  • User-defined ARP policer is not applied on aggregated Ethernet interface until firewall process is restarted. PR1528403

General Routing

  • Routing Engine switchover does not work as expected while solid-state drive (SSD) failure occurs. PR1437745

  • Add Python 3.x modules that are missing from the library. PR1508626

  • The VM host platforms might get crashed continuously after performing upgrade or downgrade action and booting up with the new image. PR1544875

  • The device might run out of service post GRES or unified ISSU. PR1558958

  • Upgrading PTX1000 platforms with unified SSDs (2x32G SSD) might result in boot loop in certain scenario. PR1571275

  • Difference in the leaf names in sensor output. PR1571502

  • Channelized ports on PTX10002 platforms might drop traffic. PR1575742

  • Mirrored packets get corrupted when a filter is applied with the port-mirror and discard action. PR1576914

  • TACACS traffic might be dropped. PR1578579

  • The IS-IS packets might get corrupted on the provider edge device over the Layer 2 circuit tunnel. PR1580047

  • PTX Series routers might drop traffic. PR1580211

  • The FEC91 mode might not get enabled automatically for QSFP28-SR4 SFP used on WAN interface. PR1582200

  • Node locked license addition fails. PR1582704

  • Add missing leaves of transceiver/state in the Junos telemetry interface. PR1583076

  • On PTX1000 and PTX10002-60C platforms, file permissions are changed for /var/db/scripts files after reboot. PR1583591

  • The show chassis clocks output shows the following error: error: the chassis-control subsystem is not running. PR1583715

  • The packets might be dropped by Packet Forwarding Engine of the PTX5000 platforms after changing the queue of IEEE-802.1ad classifier on FPC-PTX-P1-A or FPC2-PTX-P1A. PR1584042

  • The FPC resource usage increases when certain packets are processed which are being VXLAN encapsulated. PR1584197

  • LACP over MACsec LC (LC1105) does not come up. PR1585478

  • The Failed to get pechip handle for chip 0 and prds_encap_sample_flood_lpbk_desc_install: Egress NH descriptor install OK for Flabel 7808 errors are seen during device bring up. PR1585594

  • The following error message is seen on certain scenarios when rpd process restart or GRES when NSR enabled: RPD_KRT_KERNEL_BAD_ROUTE. PR1586466

  • There might be higher latency in traffic flow than configured or default value. PR1588514

  • The jsd process might crash in a rare condition in a telemetry scenario. PR1589103

  • An FPC heap memory leak might be triggered by certain flowspec route operations which can lead to an FPC crash. PR1589133

  • On PTX3000 and PTX5000 platforms, 40G and 100G interfaces might get stuck down after link flaps. PR1589170

  • Traffic loss might be observed post changing SAK keys. PR1591432

  • On PTX10008 platforms, sFlow sample-rate configuration greater than 16000000 is not supported. PR1592788

  • Node name must not be attached to the system host name under LLDP. PR1593991

  • On PTX1000 platforms, sFlow data (for example: inner VLAN and outer VLAN value, forwarding-class, and DSCP value) is not exported while checking from server flow records at the collector for ingress sampling. PR1598263

  • CRC errors increase continuously after interface flap. PR1600768

  • Traffic might get silently dropped and discarded due to the RS Fatal error on FPC-PTX-P1-A, FPC2-PTX-P1A, FPC-SFF-PTX-P1-A, and FPC-SFF-PTX-T. PR1600935

  • The l2circuit packets with PVST and RPVST destination multicast MAC might get dropped. PR1601360

  • The IPv6 traffic might get impacted on the PTX platforms when an IPv6 route resolves over a dynamic tunnel. PR1602007

  • Packet loss might be seen on the filter based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • Link flaps might be observed momentarily on PTX5000 platforms. PR1606008


  • The default-address-selection statement might not work. PR1570552

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The cores file are generated when executing cminfra scripts. PR1578822

  • Junos telemetry interface optics sensor's alarm data type changed from bool_val to str_val. PR1580113

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • GRPC connections stuck on ESTABLISHED with no active collector. PR1592542


  • Sub-optimal routing issues might be seen in case where LDP routes with multiple next hops. PR1582037

  • The LDP replication session might not get synchronized when the dual-transport is enabled. PR1598174

  • VPLS connection might get down if the dual-transport statement is configured. PR1601854


  • Multicast traffic in an MVPN setup might get dropped and discarded silently on some PTX platforms acting as transit LSR. PR1555274

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On PTX10008 platforms, syslog does not log information on IPv4 after upgrade. PR1611504

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Upon receipt of specific sequences of genuine packets destined to the device, the kernel will crash and restart. PR1557881

  • FPC might crash in a scaled firewall configuration. PR1586817

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • BGP route preference using PBR is not applied to all the routes when CCNH inet6 is enabled. PR1596436

Routing Protocols

  • The unexpected CSPF link down or deleted events on LSPs are seen. PR1576818

  • BGP session carrying VPNv4 prefix with IPv6 next hop might be dropped. PR1580578

  • The rpd process might crash in certain IS-IS scenario. PR1583484

  • The rpd process might crash when the configured record-lifetime for BGP RPKI session is less than the hold-time. PR1585321

  • The rpd process might crash in a BGP multipath scenario if the interface for a single hop EBGP peer goes down. PR1589141

  • BGP egress-TE routes lose to BGP routes using the same protocol preference. PR1593332

User Interface and Configuration

  • The routing policy in normal-mode does not revert back once the network-services mode is changed to network-services enhanced mode. PR1587174