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Routing Protocols

  • Check for AS match in BGP policy AS paths without using regular expressions (ACX5048, ACX5096, ACX5448, MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2008, MX10016, vMX, PTX1000, PTX5000, PTX10001, PTX10002, QFX5100, QFX5110, QFX5120, QFX5200, QFX5210, and QFX10016)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.3R1, you can configure BGP policies to check for an autonomous system (AS) match in an AS path without using regular expressions. The BGP policy compares the AS to an AS-list or AS-list-group and returns true if it finds a match. You can configure the BGP policy to check for a matching origin, neighbor, or transit AS. This feature provides a faster alternative to match origin, transit, and peer AS numbers than using a regular expression.

    Configure this feature using the as-path-neighbors, as-path-origins, or as-path-transits option at the [edit policy-options policy-statement policy-name from] hierarchy level. For each type of match, use (as-list | as-list-group) as-list-name/as-list-group-name to specify the list or group of AS paths to compare the match to. Configure the AS list or AS group at the [edit policy-options] hierarchy level.

    [See policy-options and policy-statement.]

  • Maximum reference bandwidth increased to 4 TB for IGP protocols (ACX710, ACX5448, MX960, MX2020, MX10003, PTX5000, and PTX1000)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.3R1, we've increased the maximum reference bandwidth for IS-IS and OSPF IGP protocols from 1 Tbps to 4 Tbps. The default bandwidth is 100 Mbps. You can increase the reference bandwidth to adjust the path metrics, which you use to determine the preferred path in case of multiple equal-cost routes to a destination.

    To configure the reference bandwidth, use the reference-bandwidth reference-bandwidth statement at the [edit protocols isis] hierarchy level or the [edit protocols (ospf | ospf3)] hierarchy level.

    [ See reference-bandwidth (Protocols IS-IS) and reference-bandwidth (Protocols OSPF).]