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Resolved Issues: 21.3R2

General Routing

  • When using log templates introduced in Junos OS release 21.1R1 with Unified Policies, logs were not generated in a predictable manner. A new construct has been added that allows you to define a default log profile set security log profile name default-profile command can be used to improve this behavior when multiple log profiles are defined. PR1570105

  • Getting UNKNOWN instead of HTTP-PROXY for application and UNKNOWN instead of GOOGLE-GEN in RT-FLOW close messages These messages can be seen in the RT-flow close log and these are due to JDPI not engaged for the session. This might affect the application identification for the web-proxy session traffic. PR1588139

  • When combining log profiles and unified policies RT_FLOW_SESSION_DENY logs were not being generated corrected. PR1594587

  • vSRX might stop forwarding traffic 60 days after Junos OS upgrade due to the trial license expiring. PR1609551

  • For apps getting classified on first packet, the volume update syslog is not getting generated. PR1613516

  • The interface speed is limited to 1G on vSRX 2.0 even the speed is set as more than 1G. PR1617397

  • Assert core might be seen when the application goes to no path selected state. PR1617506

  • Running DNS on all SRX Series devices, a memory leak on Packet Forwarding Engine might occur. PR1624655

  • Application package installation failed in Packet Forwarding Engine with error is seen while repetitive enabling or disabling of application or groups. PR1626589

  • vSRX3 on VMware ESXi versions 7.0u2 or 7.0u3 with i40e SR-IOV, the traffic stopped after reboot. PR1627481

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • The flowd or srxpfe process might crash when IDP is used on Junos OS Release 21.2R1. PR1610706

Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • The SNMP object jnxJsNatSrcNumPortAvail does not show the proper value. PR1611479

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd might generate core files due to memory corruption. PR1599751

User Interface and Configuration

  • A low privileged user can elevate their privileges to the ones of the highest privileged J-Web user logged in. PR1593200


  • Unable to set DynamoDB in HSM module. PR1599069