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Resolved Issues: 21.3R2

General Routing

  • Multiple entries to vlan-id-list might not work in EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1564403

  • The na-grpcd process might generate core files during the longevity tests. PR1565255

  • On the QFX10K2-60C line of switches, the disk missing alarm does not get generated.PR1573139

  • When soft loopback port and analyzer configurations are committed together, hardware might not get programmed with the analyzer. This issue is not seen when physical loopback is used to achieve the same. PR1581542

  • On QFX5000 line of switches, the show route detail command might not display the Next-hop type IPoIP Chained comp nexthop in the output. PR1584322

  • On the QFX10002-60C line of switches, high FPC CPU utilization might occur. PR1585728

  • The Syslog ERROR message might be seen when deactivating Bridge domains/VLANS. PR1589138

  • On the QFX5210-64C line of switches, the PSU firmware upgrades through Junos OS. PR1589572

  • The DCI InterVNI and IntraVNI traffic might be silently discarded in the gateway node due to the tagged underlay interfaces. PR1596462

  • The mcscnoopd process might crash when you delete or add the Layer 2 forwarding configuration after ISSU. PR1596483

  • During FRR, when more than one multihome interface is down, traffic might get loop for QFX5110 platforms. PR1596589

  • The interface on SFP-T or SFP-SX might stop forwarding traffic. PR1598805

  • Read write lock is not acquired during the sysctl invocation. The assert triggered in the interface state function call leads to go Routing Engine 1 to debug (db>) prompt. PR1598814

  • The SFP-T port might stop forwarding traffic. PR1600291

  • The VCP might not form adjacency after rebooting the primary FPC in VC scenario. PR1600398

  • Removing and adding VC ports might cause the FPC to reboot. PR1601557

  • InterDC traffic loss might occur in the MAC-VRF EVI with the dlu.ucode.discard trap status. PR1601961

  • Under certain scaling scenarios with EVPN-VXLAN configurations, the l2ald process might be aborted and then recovered.PR1602244

  • In Junos OS, specific packets over VXLAN cause FPC memory leak and ultimately reset (CVE-2022-22170). PR1602407

  • On the QFX5120 line of switches, traffic gets mirrored even after deactivating the analyzer configuration. PR1603192

  • Unicast DHCP packets might get flooded when you configure the DHCP relay in the non-default routing-instance.PR1603444

  • Packet loss might occur on the filter-based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • The Virtual Chassis ports might remain in the Down state after you remove and add the ports.PR1606705

  • FPC might crash post firewall filter configuration changes in QFX platforms. PR1608610

  • An additional VLAN tag might be added for PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) packets on QFX10016. PR1610012

  • On the QFX10000 line of switches, continuous Layer 3 traffic might drop with the MC-LAG configuration. PR1610173

  • MAC move or MAC flap might be triggered in the QFX5000 Series Virtual Chassis environment.PR1610295

  • Inter-vlan connectivity might be lost in an EVPN-VXLAN with CRB topology. PR1611488

  • Layer 3 interfaces unable to attach DSCP rewrite firewall filter on QFX5100. PR1612587

  • On the QFX10002-60C line of switches, continuous FPC might crash and the dcpfe process might generate core file.PR1612871

  • ARP resolution for data traffic received over Type5 might fail.PR1612905

  • FPC might crash after device restart in EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1613702

  • Removing the optical module JNP-SFPP-10GE-T from a port might cause certain ports to go down. PR1614139

  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, the VLAN firewall filter does not get deleted in the Packet Forwarding Engine after configuration changes.PR1614767

  • The l2ald process might crash in the EVPN scenario. PR1615269

  • Slow memory leak (32 bytes each time) of rpd might be seen. PR1616065

  • The l2cpd process generates a core file with the FIP snooping configuration on any interface. PR1617632

  • The BFD session might get become nonresponsive in the Init state after l2-learning restart due to incomplete ARP resolutions. PR1618280

  • Core dumps might be seen on QFX devices after configuration changes. PR1618352

  • Traffic might be dropped when IRB is configured and removed from VLAN. PR1618425

  • Junos OS does not support the Dot1x based firewall policers.PR1619405

  • The process dcpfe might crash after performing VXLAN VNI configuration change and delete on QFX5000 series platforms. PR1619445

  • Disabled VCP (Virtual chassis port) might go into the Up state after the optic is reseated.PR1619997

  • High wired memory utilization might be observed if GRES is enabled. PR1620599

  • Routes learned via the EVPN Type-5 route are not resolved. PR1620627

  • EVPN-VXLAN type5 traffic might get failed on the spine device of QFX10000. PR1620924

  • On the QFX5120 line on switches, the tvp_is_qsfp_has_single_led ioctl call failed ret:-1 error message gets generated while loading the build.PR1621630

  • LED indicator might be showing ON status once QSFP is removed. PR1622580

  • Host generated IPv4 traffic sent over IPv6 next-hop with IRB interface might get dropped. PR1623262

  • MACsec session might flap if multiple logical interfaces are created on single physical interface. PR1624524

  • QFX5000 log messages, fpc0 SRIRAM Tx VxLAN Ucast: ifd_out = vtep dst_gport is (c00000X) so do not process pkt further. PR1624925

  • Traffic loss might be observed after configuring VXLAN over IRB interface. PR1625285

  • The configuration statement no-incoming-port is not applied after reboot on QFX10002 and QFX10008 platforms. PR1625988

  • Implement show task scheduler-slip-history to display no of scheduler slips and last 64 slip details. PR1626148

  • Routing Engine generated traffic might not be forwarded when next-hop is indirect unilist of EVPN Type 5 tunnel. PR1627363

  • QFX10002-60C platform might not respond back to ICMP packets received with TTL or hop limit value of 1. PR1627566

  • JDI-RCT: QFX10002 MCLAG PDT: L3 Traffic failures observed continuously with PDT mclag configuration. PR1627846

  • The 802.1p BA classification might not work on mixed VC when interface has a DSCP and 802.1p classifier. PR1628447

  • When DHCP smartrelay is used DHCP inform ack might be sent with broadcast address. PR1628837

  • The vmhost crash might be seen in a rare condition when route addition and change. PR1629200

  • Traffic might get dropped when family ethernet-switching is configured on the interface in Q-in-Q scenario. PR1629680

  • On QFX5000, chassis status LED doesn't work as document described. PR1630380

  • The FBF filtered VLAN traffic will not be passed properly to the forwarding routing instances over aggregated Ethernet interfaces on QFX5000 platforms. PR1633452

  • Traffic loss after MAC ages. PR1633879

  • The VCPs connected with the AOC cable might not come up after upgrading to 17.3 or later releases. PR1633998

  • Data might not be exchanged via EVPN-VxLAN domain. PR1635347

  • Traffic blackhole might be observed when STP is configured in VxLAN environment. PR1636950

  • Configuring L2PT on a transit switch in a Q-in-Q environment breaks L2PT for other S-VLANs. PR1637249

  • Delay might be observed for the interfaces to come up after reboot and transceiver replacement. PR1638045

  • MAC-move might be observed when dhcp-security is configured. PR1639926

Class of Service (CoS)

  • Transit packets from local to remote VTEP might get punted to CPU and cause DDoS events. PR1489233

  • The dcpfe core might be seen in auto-channelization scenario or when SFP is plugged out. PR1616847


  • In EVPN VXLAN scenario, with the proxy-macip-advertisement statement is configured, a few ARP/ND/MAC entries might get missed. PR1609322

  • The MAC-table aging timeout fails in some scenarios. PR1612866

  • Multiple memory leaks might be seen leading to process rpd crash. PR1626416

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • Memory leaking might occur on backup Routing Engine when ksyncd is in inconsistent state and had encountered an initialization error. PR1601960


  • The Host 0 Active Disk Usage Exceeded alarm might be generated due to large files, which were already marked as deleted. PR1601251

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Enabling DHCP on Junos platforms might cause the router's file system storage to get filled up with log files. PR1617695


  • MPLS VPN packets drop due to missing ARP entry on PE. PR1607169

  • On the QFX5000 line of switches, traffic loss occurs after the STP topology changes. PR1616878

  • Traffic towards MPLS-Core is not rerouted to alternate port on QFX5000 platforms. PR1627002

Platform and Infrastructure

  • IPv6 link-local traffic is getting classified to firewall host this might affect communication on IPv6 link-local addresses. PR1600085

  • The packet drop might be seen on FPC on Trio based platforms. PR1631313

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • The interface-routes rib-group policy does not work as expected in the VxLAN scenario. PR1537306

  • The rpd process might get stuck at 100% when EVPN vrf-target is enabled and after any configuration change. PR1616167

Routing Protocols

  • The interface might receive multicast traffic from a multicast group which it is not interested in. PR1612279

  • The wrong BGP path might get selected even when a better or preferred route is available. PR1616595

  • Traffic drop will be seen when VPN labels are incorrectly allocated due to change in nexthop. PR1617691

  • On the QFX10002 line of switches, the verification of BGP peer count fails after deleting the BGP neighbors. PR1618103

  • Time delay to export prefixes to BGP neighbors might occur post applying peer-specific BGP export policies. PR1626367