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Resolved Issues: 21.3R2

General Routing

  • High FPC CPU utilization might be seen on PTX10002-60C routers. PR1585728

  • IS-IS adjacency does not come up through TCC Layer 2 circuit. PR1590387

  • High FPC CPU utilization might be intermittently observed if you receive a great number of NS/NA messages. PR1600318

  • On PTX10002-60C routers, after upgrading, configured firewall filters might be applied on incorrect interfaces. PR1602292

  • The FPC is not fully offline after the FPC BAD_VOLTAGE fault is reported. PR1602556

  • Packet loss might be observed on a filter-based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • Traffic loss might be seen on the device due to the continuous errors happening on fabric healing process (FHP) phase-1. PR1603499

  • The MACsec session might be dropped due to one way congestion. PR1611091

  • Line cards might be unstable due to the continuous growing memory usage of evo-cda-bt app. PR1614952

  • The rasd processes memory leak triggered by hardware memory errors on VMHost platforms. PR1615488

  • Slow memory leak (32 bytes each time) of rpd might be seen. PR1616065

  • Memory leak might be seen when LLDP is configured. PR1617151

  • The performance of J-Flow service might be impacted on PTX Series platforms. PR1617932

  • Traffic loss might be observed with some MPLS labels in multipath BGP scenarios. PR1618507

  • The EAPol packets over l2circuit might get dropped at the tunnel start. PR1628196

  • The rpd process generates core file with the warm-standby configurations due to reference counting issues. PR1631871

  • The SPMB might crash immediately after a switchover. PR1637950

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The aggregated Ethernet interface remains up instead of down on deleting loopback and ae- interface IP on neighbor while verifying BFD sessions on a router. PR1640240


  • The LDP does not support policy import with the rib-groups. PR1611081

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On PTX Series platforms, vmcore on both the routing engines might be reported due to mbuf corruption. PR1602442

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process crash might be seen with telemetry used setup. PR1607667

  • Delay in adding or removing static routes from the router. PR1612173

  • Undesired protection path might get selected for some destination prefixes. PR1614683

  • The rpd process might crash and restart when NSR is enabled. PR1620463

  • The rpd process might crash after clearing the IS-IS database. PR1631738