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Resolved Issues: 21.3R1

General Routing

  • On ACX5448 routers, the two-way time error and CTE for 1 PPS do not meet the class A metrics. PR1535434

  • The DNX router fails to program Mcast route in BCM when the route has pime interface as outgoing interface. PR1560914

  • Inline BFD stays down with the ISIS/Static clients. PR1561590

  • On ACX5048 routers, the traffic-input-pps does not increment in the vlantagged_flexible traffic. PR1569763

  • The l2circuit and CFM sessions might go down when you configure the asynchronous-notification. PR1572722

  • ARP traffic that exceeds the policer limit does not get discarded. PR1573956

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 routers, 802.1P rewrite might not work. PR1574601

  • Packets might get tagged with the default VLAN-ID and dropped at the peer in the Layer 2 circuits local switching scenario. PR1574623

  • On ACX5448 routers, the packet buffer allocation error message appears when we scale the CFM sessions with the SLA iterator. PR1574754

  • RLFA does not takes effect due to the service label wrongly added. PR1577460

  • On ACX5448 routers, asynchronous-notification for 1G interface fails. PR1580700

  • There might be a traffic drop between customer edge and provider edge devices in case of the ARP resolution failure. PR1580782

  • The rpd process might get stuck due to the race condition. PR1582226

  • On ACX710 routers, the jnpr-clock-recovery.log log file size appears to be small and archives rotates quickly. PR1582350

  • On ACX710 routers, verifying the output of the channelized interface check with snmp mib get ifHighSpeed causes unexpected results. PR1583995

  • On ACX5448 routers, IPv4 traffic loss with packet size more than 1410 occurs. PR1584509

  • On ACX5448 routers, detection time shows the default value (6.000) along with the following error message instead of the configured value for single hop BFD.

  • On ACX710 routers, PTP might become nonresponsive and not function properly in certain condition. PR1587990

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 routers, DHCPv4 might not work. PR1589135

  • On ACX710 and ACX5400 routers, traffic might get forwarded through the member links in the Down state after you add the new member links to the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1589168

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 routers that runs DHCP relay does not process the packets arriving over MPLS with an explicit null label. PR1590225

  • Traffic does not pass through the l2circuit interface when you configure the vlan-id-range. PR1590969

  • On ACX5448 routers, high DMR out of sequence with iterator configuration occurs. PR1596050

  • On ACX710 routers, the l2ald process generates core file at l2ald_event_process_list_id, l2ald_event_proc_all_lists, l2ald_event_periodic () at ../../../../../../src/junos/usr.sbin/l2ald/l2ald_event.c:757. PR1596908

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 routers, traffic drop occurs in the EVPN VPWS flexible cross connection. PR1598074

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 routers, traffic loss might be observed if drop-profiles is modified. PR1598595

  • On ACX710 routers, rpf-check-bytes and rpf-check-packets counter does not get updated properly to the flat file as expected. PR1600513

  • On ACX5448 routers, FPC might restart when you execute the show firewall command. PR1605288

  • DHCP relay does not work in the routing-instance. PR1605854

  • On the ACX5448 and ACX710 routers, the MACsec traffic over the Layer 2 circuit might not work. PR1603534

  • On the ACX1000, ACX1100, ACX2000, ACX2100, and ACX4000 routers, the FEB (Forwarding Engine Board) might crash. PR1606424

  • On the ACX710 and ACX5448 routers, the DHCP packets might not be relayed. PR1608125


  • The vme/me0 management interface cannot process any incoming packets. PR1552952

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Upon receipt of the specific sequences of the genuine packets destined to the device, the kernel crashes and restarts. PR1557881

Routing Protocols

  • The BGP session that carries the VPNv4 prefix with IPv6 next-hop might be dropped. PR1580578