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Resolved Issues: 21.3R1

General Routing

  • RPD core file is generated when the device reboots and daemon restarts. Daemon recovers and there is no service impact on routing protocol usage. PR1567043

  • IPsec tunnel is not established when receiving the proxy-id list. PR1576071


  • AE interface statistics are not reported on NFX250 devices. PR1581596

  • LACP subsystem is not enabled in NFX250 NextGen devices. PR1581717

  • On NFX Series devices, you need to adjust MTU sizes of the OVS system interfaces to maintain consistency. PR1586967

  • Unable to configure destination-port on firewall filter on NFX250 NextGen devices.PR1592019

  • On NFX Series devices, deletion of VNF interfaces that are mapped SR-IOV interface fails. PR1598993
  • L3 dataplane interfaces are not appearing when flex mode is enabled on NFX350-S3 devices. PR1599643

Performance Modes

  • You cannot enable the trust mode on an SR-IOV virtual function assigned to a VNF. PR1593037

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

  • On NFX Series devices, while configuring vmhost vlans using vlan-id-list, the system allows duplicate VLAN IDs in the VLAN ID list. PR1438907