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Open Issues

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • Tag RT_FLOW_SESSION_XXX is missing in stream mode. PR1565153

  • Under very rare conditions for HA cluster deployment, when it does RG0 failover and at same time, the control link is down, then it will hit this mib2d core because the master RE and secondary RE are out of syncing dcd.snmp_ix information. PR1571677

  • For all platforms, auto re-enrollment of a CMPv2 certificate might lead to a PKID core due to OpenSSL version mismatch. PR1580442

  • With ssl-proxy configured along with web-proxy, the client session might not closed on the device even though proxy session ends gracefully. PR1580526

  • Web-proxy: Getting UNKNOWN instead of HTTP-PROXY for application and UNKNOWN instead of GOOGLE-GEN in RT-FLOW close messages These messages can be seen in the RT-flow close log and these are due to JDPI not engaged for the session. This may affect the app identification for the web-proxy session traffic. PR1588139

  • Please turn on below configuration on vSRX when performance is a concern. With below configuration turn on, performance will be improved set security forwarding-options no-allow-dataplane-sleep. PR1602564

  • The switch reason is being shown as nh change instead of sla violated in the best path log message. PR1602571

  • One needs to configure set security forwarding-options no-allow-dataplane-sleep for high traffic rate use cases. PR1602606

  • The advanced-anti-malware Hash feature is deprecated. PR1604426

  • CoS is limited to 1G on vSRX 2.0. PR1617397


  • On click of refresh in VPN monitoring widget, newly added VPN details are not shown. PR1589868

  • When ADVPN or Auto Connect VPN has more than one IPsec VPN connections, J-Web displays any one of the remote gateways IP address as Remote IP in the VPN Monitoring widget. PR1599027