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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for MX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • There might be a few duplicate packets seen in an A/A EVPN scenario when the remote PE device sends packets with IM label due to MAC not being learned on remote PE device but being learned on the A/A local PE device. The non-DF sends the IM-labeled encapsulated packet to the PE-CE interface after MAC lookups instead of dropping the packet, which causes duplicate packets on the CE side. PR1245316

  • The vmcore process generates core file at rts_ifbd_get_parent, rts_ifstate_chk_if_interesting_int, rts_ifstate_chk_if_interesting_int_with_stats. PR1542037

  • Packet drops occurs over the EVPN MPLS core after changing the configuration and rollback on the local PE device. PR1576943

  • On MX960 router, the bridge MAC table learning entries are not as expected for theEVPN-VXLAN-1 routing instance. PR1600310

Flow-based and Packet-based Processing

  • Junos OS recommends 512 or larger anti-replay window size for IPv4 or IPv6 traffic over IPsec tunnel when you enable fat-tunnel. PR1470637

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Traffic drop occurs and filter does not hit as expected for the match condition traffic class with the flt statement configured. PR1573350

General Routing

  • On MX104 router, CPU hog or busy state occurs with the sporadic Layer 2 circuit access error message and false alarms. PR1223979

  • Commit check for validating the interface name is not available for the show interface command. PR1306191

  • The rpd process generates core file at rt_iflnh_lookup_and_set_nhid,krt_process_comp_nh,krt_build_fwd_nh_from_rnh_msg,krt_decode_nexthop_msg. PR1588128

  • All protocols time out and FPCs restart after transient SSD freezes. PR1312308

  • The following log message might appear when NG-RE is used:

  • When you perform the offline and online operations on CB1, the backup Routing Engine reboots because of power cycle or failure. PR1497592

  • During flooding, MAC learns only on normal access port but not on the aggregated Ethernet interface trunk port. PR1506403

  • The MACsec PICs might stay offline in the new primary after performing unified unified ISSU. PR1534225

  • On MX2020 router, the next hops are less than a total of nhdb 4MPOST GRES. PR1539305

  • During power cycle, 100G port down unified issue occurs occasionally on et-0/0/54 and et-0/0/55 with INNOLIGHT 100G-AOC cables. PR1548525

  • On MX480 router, the following error message appears:

  • The interface might not come up with 1G optics. PR1554098

  • The lcmd process might consume memory until all of the free memory available to VMHOST gets exhausted. PR1555386

  • A non-involved Packet Forwarding Engine on a sub-LC(SLC) might show Training Failure (TF) on one or more planes after events on other SLC of the same line card or a complete system reboots. PR1558008

  • IGMP joins where there are more than expected value when you verify the IGMP snooping membership in the CE router. PR1560588

  • The following error message occurs on all fpcs after the router restarts or fpc restarts:

  • The session status becomes nonresponsive in the Invalid state after the core-facing link fails in the primary PE devices. PR1562387

  • The 0/0/0 pic type F050 does not support the log messages generated under the chassisd and other messages in logs. PR1566440

  • Stale TCNH entries appears in the new master Routing Engine post switchover with NSR, even after deleting all the prpd routes. PR1566666

  • The following error message appears in the Packet Forwarding Engine when you execute the command after you deactivate the routing-options dynamic-tunnel with high tunnel scales.

  • Unexpected multicast traffic streams occurs after you enable EVPN. PR1570689

  • The fxpc process might crash and cause traffic loss in the IFBD scenario. PR1572305

  • The rpd process might generate core file in the subscribers setup scaled around 32,000 connections. PR1577085

  • The OSPF session over IRB might not come up in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1577183

  • BGP-CT over SRTE ocuurs when you use Option C at ASBRs. PR1586636

  • NAT EIM mapping gets created in the FTP ALG child sessions. PR1587849

  • The na-grpc process might crash and existing telemetry connections might get disconnected. PR1587956

  • The output of the show services count command on vms interface is not as expected when you send the FTP traffic from the public side after configuring with NAPT44+EIM+APP+PCP. PR1588046

  • On the MPC11 line card, the aftd process crashes at dfw_term_dictionary_get_next (term=0x0, dfw=0x7f1431da34c0) at ../../../../../src/pfe/common/applications/dfw/dfw_term.c:1460. PR1589619

  • On MX480 routers, traffic loss of 19 percent occurs with the vrrp mastership change from backup to master while bring up the route back after enabling the link. PR1612504

  • When PTP is on default profile & PTPoE configured in the Stateful state with ordinary, clock-mode configuration is not supported. Below unsupported configuration does not throw commit error. There are no error logs reported with below unsupported configuration. PR1601843

  • Traffic drops for up to 18 seconds during ISSU when you configure VPLS during non-ZPL testing. PR1610987

  • With continuous data over IPSEC tunnels, data drop occurs for sometime post GRES. PR1592655

  • Huge spike of input packets occurs at the service interface. PR1592957

  • The mcscnoopd process generates core files at snp_token_db_gencfg_handler,krt_decode_gencfg,krt_ifstate_resync_read,krt_async_recv_ifstate_resync_phase. PR1596483

  • Traffic might be interrupted when you change the configuration from AMS warm-standby to AMS deterministic NAT. PR1597386

  • On MX10008 and MX10016 routers with JNP10K-RE1, unknown SMART attributes for StorFly VSFBM8CC200G SSD occurs. PR1598566

  • Traffic might be dropped at NAT gateway if you enable EIM. PR1601890

  • The BDF session flaps on the IRB interface. PR1604150

  • The following commit error might be reported for any type of change to dynamic-profiles:

  • Pim VXLAN does not work on the TD3 chipsets that enables the VXLAN flexflow. PR1597276

  • Around 200 ms of traffic loss with one of the aggregated Ethernet interface member-link of p2mp lsp branch goes in to the down state. PR1606839

  • Memory might get exhausted when you enable both the BGP RIB-sharding and the BGP ORR features. PR1613104

  • PPPoE IA CoS adjustment application might incorrectly adjust shaping rate for the parent interface set. PR1613126

  • Rebooting the backup routing engine in a high scaled subscriber management environment might result in system not returning to a GRES Ready state. PR1616611

  • ICMP error packet do not have relevant header when configured with DSLite and with appropriate ICMP ALG name and one UDP application name. PR1616633

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • When you configure MTU on an interface, a rare state timing issue might occur at a later point that results in crashing the ksyncd process on the backup Routing Engine. PR1606779

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The dcd process might crash after you remove the aggregated Ethernet logical child interface from the targeted distribution database. PR1591032

  • JVISION do not send all the optics data when you subscribe the /junos/system/linecard/optics file during one reporting-interval. PR1607267

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • Abrupt shutdown or closure of the collector port results in GRPC connection with the same client ID to fail until all the devices are disconnected. PR1549044

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • ZTP does not get activated after the device gets deleted. PR1529246


  • The rpd process generates core file if you configure the use-for-shortcut command on an SRTE tunnel, which uses an SR Algo 0 prefix SID. PR1578994

  • Sometimes MPLS LSP might go down due to a timing issue when a protected link goes down. PR1598207

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Commit synchronize might fail when the kernel socket becomes nonresponsive. PR1027898

  • Loss of traffic on switchover occurs when you use filter applied on the logical child interface. PR1487937

  • On MX480 router, during the verification of GRES and NSR functionality with VXLAN feature, the convergence is not as expected L2-DOMAIN-TO-L3VXLAN. PR1520626

  • The offer message appears from the server after reaching the relay agent. However, the message does not get forwarded to IRBs on which clients are connected. PR1530160

  • The mgd process might crash with the authentication setup. PR1600615

Routing Protocols

  • While interoperating with other vendors in a draft-rosen multicast VPN, by default Junos OS attaches a route target to the multicast distribution tree (MDT), subsequent address family identifier (SAFI), and network layer reachability information (NLRI) route advertisements. But some vendors do not support attaching route targets to the MDT-SAFI route advertisements. In this case, the MDT-SAFI route advertisement without route-target extended communities are prevented from propagating of the route-target fil. PR993870

  • SHA-1 system login password format are not accepted post the upgrade. PR1571179

  • The NTF-AGENT process generates core file at Tthr_rwlock_unlock CRYPTO_THREAD_unlock OPENSSL_init_crypto. PR1597714

  • On MX960 router, the backup path fails to install in the LAN scenario and breaks the SR-MPLS for LAN when more than four end-x SIDs are configured on the interface. PR1512174

User Interface and Configuration

  • Commit fails for the backup Routing Engine for the deactivated mpls lsp priority command. PR1519367

  • The mgd process might crash when you execute the image upgrade command. PR1557628

  • The dfwc and dcd processes might crash when you perform a commit check after a previously terminated (with Ctrl+c) commit-check. PR1600435


  • When you change configuration from the route base to policy based in main dut, the IPsec tunnel from the peer device does not get cleared. PR1519830