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Services Applications

  • Changes to inline active flow monitoring (PTX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.3R1, by default no flows are maintained, thereby increasing the number of packets that can be processed. Every sampled packet is considered to be a flow. When the sampled packet is received, the flow is created and immediately timed out as inactive, and the software exports a record to the collector. Therefore, the number of records sent to the collector is higher than before. The IPFIX and version 9 Options Template Data Record now contains 0 in the Flow Active Timeout (36) and Flow Inactive Timeout (37) fields. Therefore, the Options Template Data Record is not compliant with IPFIX RFC 7011.

    The show services accounting flow inline-jflow fpc-slot slot-number operational mode command now displays 0 for all of the Active Flows and Timed Out fields. The values of the various Total Flows fields are now equal to their respective Flow Packets field values. The values of the various Flows Inactive Timed Out fields are now equal to their respective Flow Packets field values.

    To change this default behavior and once again create and maintain flows, configure the nexthop-learning statement at the [edit services flow-monitoring version- version template template-name] hierarchy level. Then attach that template to all sampling instances associated with FPCs that require the previous behavior.

    [See Understanding Inline Active Flow Monitoring.]