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Layer 2 VPN

  • No-local switching on VPLS (ACX710 and ACX5448)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.3R1, you can configure the ACX710 and the ACX5448 routers to support no local switching. When the no local switching feature is enabled, packets from CE devices will only be forwarded to PE devices and core-facing interfaces. Packet will not be forwarded to other CE devices that are part of the VPLS routing instance domain. To include the no-local-switching statement at the [edit routing-instances instance-name] hierarchy level.

    [See no-local-switching .]

  • Control word on the MPC-10E line card (MX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 21.3R1, MPC-10E line cards support the insertion of a control word between the label stack and the Layer 2 payload for VPLS services. You can use the control word to prevent provider edge routers from incorrectly identifying a VPLS payload as an IPv4 or IPv6 payload. You also prevent out-of-order packet delivery in a VPLS network that is configured to load-balance VPLS traffic across multiple paths. To enable the control word, include the control-word statement at the [edit routing-instances routing-instance-name protocols vpls] hierarchy level.

    [See Control Word for BGP VPLS Overview.]