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Resolved Issues: 21.3R1

General Routing

  • The device NMI watchdog starts after USB scratch install is done and we wait for the user action to reboot, resulting in a system exception. PR1555142

  • Few streams might observe 8-9 seconds traffic drop during ECMP member link flap. PR1573295

  • High CPU seen mostly with systemd with 4000 mac-vrf instances activate or deactivate. PR1581283

  • Large scale BFD sessions are not in stability. PR1583444

  • PICD restart or crash might result in junks statistics for carrier transition. PR1594253

  • The evo-pfemand might crash after restarting app evo-pfemand. PR1594331

  • Few Label Switched Interface (LSI) MACs do not get properly learnt in the software with 8000 VPLS instance scale. PR1597125

  • On ACX7100, no MAC address present in Ethernet table but arp is present in the system. PR1597277

  • The arpd and ndp daemon crash is observed in scale setups. PR1598217

  • The egress access control list (ACL) actions are skipped for BUM (Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast) traffic and does not hit.PR1598489

  • The ARPs (Address Resolution Protocol) might not be resolved on the IRB (integrated routing and bridging) interface which is replaced by another IRB interface. PR1600209

  • For ACX7100-32C and ACX7100-48L the Voltage Threshold Crossed alarm might observe sometime. PR1601493


  • In certain circumstances journalctl can be overwhelmed with No TTP_TLV_VRF related log messages. PR1610313

User Interface and Configuration

  • The mgd process might crash after performing the commit check. PR1593192

  • The file copy command does not accept HTTPS URls. PR1596881