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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in Junos OS Release 21.3R1 for PTX Series Routers..

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • GRES is not supported when FPCs are restarted. PR1539685

  • On PTX10001-36MR, PTX10004, and PTX10008 platforms with inherit configuration, sessions might take longer time to converge, which will cause traffic loss. To reduce traffic loss in such scenario, configure inherit advertisement interval timer to 6 seconds. PR1571339

  • On QFX5220-32CD, QFX5220-128C, and QFX5130 platforms, any MTU change on an interface causes the interface to flap multiple times. This will stabilize within 2 seconds. PR1576199

  • On PTX10000 line of routers, CB slot becomes Fault Standby after issuing the request node power-off re slot command on the primary re slot. The correct CB state is offline. PR1581476

  • For the input subscription paths containing a ":" character, the extension header in case of GNMI and certain fields for the show network-agent statistics command shows incorrect values. PR1581659

  • The sFlow ingress sampling does not work for user IPv6 traffic with aggregated Ethernet ECMP case at last hop router with ultimate hop popping (UHP) LSP. PR1582960

  • IPv6 based PKID enrollment operations are not supported over revenue ports on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1584378

  • The ECMP tracer fails to count output packet on aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1597038

  • When all Packet Forwarding Engines are in offline and come back to online with multicast route being active, during this cycle, multicast traffic will be permanently lost due to the absence of mcast route. PR1598894

  • On PTX10001-36MR, PTX10004, and PTX10008 platforms, MVRP enabled trunk ports might go into blocked or designated state if the peer connected to the interface has no VLANs configured in its trunk port. PR1601915

  • On PTX10008 routers, the ZTP fails on 40G WAN ports intermittently. PR1602131

  • Brief multicast traffic loss is observed while performing Routing Engine switchover with GRES. PR1593810

  • The sFlow ingress sampling reports incorrect OIF and next hop with user ipv6 traffic in an ECMP scenario at last hop router with the ultimate hop pop LSP. PR1602448

  • When the multicast traffic is sent from a Session and Resource Control (SRC) to the receivers with the egress sampling enabled, then J-Flow records report incorrect Src IP and Dst IP. PR1609008

  • On PICD restart, telemetry support on optics/interface sensor data is not supported. PR1609360

  • Initial sync for subscription path /components/component/transceiver/physical-channels is not rendered. PR1609865

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine level statistics for host bound traffic shows as zero. PR1611115

  • On QFX5130 and QFX5220 platforms, the priority flow control feature might not work properly after the Packet Forwarding Engine process (evo-pfemand) restart. PR1614035

  • VCCV for LDP signaled pseudowire does not work with Junos OS Evolved 21.3R1 image unless the set routing-options platform-parameters platform-supports-vccv-bfd CLI is configured and restart of the routing process is done. PR1615419

  • On 400G or 4x100G interfaces using third party 400G-ZR optics, after the data path of the optics is powered up and Tx laser enabled, sometimes the actual transmitting power might appear very low. A check-and-recovery mechanism has been implemented in the 400G-ZR software driver. If the actual Tx power appears very low after powered-up and Tx laser enabled, a data path powering-down and re-init sequence will be exercised. The Tx power level will be recovered back to normal. Once such hardware bug is hit, the actual link up time will be longer than expected. No further user intervention is needed as the workaround is built-in the software. PR1616445

  • Match on v6-prefix for prefix lengths less than or equal to 64 bits does not work. PR1618211

  • Snapshot banner messages are appeared when booted from snapshot partition that is not displayed because /etc/motd file is not getting updated. To check if a system is booted from a snapshot partition, run the show system software list command. PR1618946

  • Input interface reported by sFlow and J-Flow application for MPLS IPv4 and MPLS IPv6 ingress sampling in the case of Layer 3 VPN (label assigned per next hop or per prefix scenario) is incorrect. It incorrectly reports outgoing interface as input interface. PR1619052

  • Any filter modification on the matches or actions does not work for filter with counter actions. PR1619287

  • If the picd is restarted, either manually or due to systemd policy, some channelized links might stay down. PR1619393

  • The evo-aftmand-bt core files are seen on Packet Forwarding Engine restart scenarios due to a race condition in evo-aftamand process. PR1619798

  • Firewall counter does not hit with a specific configuration sequence. As a workaround, deactivate and activate the firewall bind configuration. PR1620410

  • MPLS family filters do not work when applied to passive monitoring interfaces. PR1620470

  • The PIC stuck in offlining state when an offline command is issued right after transceiver plugin. This issue is seen only in scenarios where transceiver is plugged in or PIC goes offline within 2s. When the issue is seen, restart the FPC for the affected PIC to recover using the request chassis fpc restart command. PR1621694


  • When using a source IP address as the management interface with RPF check for the set to strict, the response for the ICMP ping from the peer is dropped by the Linux kernel. PR1498255

  • On PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10001-36 MR routers, system login banner message is not displayed for the initial login attempt using telnet, but if that login attempt fails for any reason and the user is prompted again, then the message is displayed. PR1528996

  • The GRES triggered using the request chassis routing-engine master switch command shows the following connector driver overlay message: {master} user@host> [ 1185.081257] gpio-jnx-i2cs gpio-jnx-i2cs.50: Asserting power_status irq 59 [ 1185.125182] OF: overlay: overlay_is_topmost: #9 clashes #10 @/ftc0/i2c-bus/i2cs@54/fan_hwmon [ 1185.125183] OF: overlay: overlay #9 is not topmost. PR1539232

  • Backup path is not found in ASBR6 FIB table. The problem triggers due to the show route forwarding table extensive command displays nh-weight attribute in route display have MPLS configurations. PR1618916

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The local switching traffic sequence numbers were not reset. PR1560111

  • If the marvd daemon restarted for any reason, the device becomes unreachable because of PCI uncorrectable non-fatal AER errors getting generated and system goes for a reboot without any core file. This is a rare event that occurs if the marvd crashes. PR1600870

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • The jsd process generates core files intermittently. The service will automatically restart and recover. PR1592429

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Junos telemetry interface does not send all optics data when subscribe /junos/system/linecard/optics/ during one reporting interval. PR1607267


  • In Junos OS Evolved platforms, the LDP session authentication key-chain configuration made based on the session remote-id on initiator stops from the session establishment, even though the responder's authentication key-chain is configured for its remote-id. PR1592431

  • When express segments are configured with SR-TE as underlay protocol, sometimes rpd process might crash when express segments are getting deleted or readvertised. PR1613372

User Interface and Configuration

  • When a user tries to deactivate the MPLS related configuration, the commit fails on the backup Routing Engine. PR1519367