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Open Issues

Learn about open issues Junos OS Release 21.2R3 for vSRX.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • Tag "RT_FLOW_SESSION_XXX" is missing in stream mode. PR1565153

  • When the device is downgraded to a release earlier than Junos OS Release 21.1 and then upgraded again to Junos OS Release 21.1, the application identification database tables might not get populated properly and have 0 entries. For such cases, after upgrading, uninstall and reinstall the signature package. PR1567199

  • Under very rare conditions for HA cluster deployment, when it does RG0 failover and at same time, the control link is down, then it will hit this mib2d core because the master RE and secondary RE are out of syncing dcd.snmp_ix information. PR1571677

  • With ssl-proxy configured along with web-proxy, the client session might not closed on the device even though proxy session ends gracefully. PR1580526

  • On SRX Series device with a sig-pack update, if any application is moved to depricated and if that application was part of any custom group, signature upgrade might fail. Due to this sometimes the appid process might stop. PR1632205


  • If any VPN related configuration changes are done from the CLI and committed, click on the Monitor> Network > IPsec VPN menu to see the latest changes. PR1571751

  • UI lists the IPsec VPNs information for uncommitted IPsec VPNs configuration under Monitor -> Netwrok -> IPsec VPN. PR1576609


  • In certain cases, the PUSH ACK message from the group member to the group key server may be lost. The group member can still send rekey requests for the TEK SAs before the hard lifetime expiry. Only if the key server sends any new PUSH messages to the grooup members, those updates would not be received by the group member since the key server would have removed the member from registered members list. PR1608290