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Open Issues

Learn about open issues Junos OS Release 21.2R3 for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • On PTX platforms, some non-fatal interrupts (for example, CM cache or AQD interrupts) are logged as fatal interrupts. The following log messages will be shown on CM parity interrupt: fpc0 TQCHIP 0: CM parity Fatal interrupt,Interrupt status:0x10 fpc0 CMSNG: Fatal ASIC error, chip TQ fpc0 TQCHIP 0: CM cache parity Fatal interrupt has occurred 181 time(s) in 180010 msecs TQCHIP 0: CM cache parity Fatal interrupt has occurred 181 time(s) in 180005 msecs. PR1089955

  • On a PTX Series router or QFX10000 switch with a third-generation FPC, an error message is displayed when the FPC goes online or offline. PR1322491

  • Due to transient hardware condition, single-bit error (SBE) events are corrected and have no operational impact. Reporting of those events had been disabled to prevent alarms and possibly unnecessary hardware replacements. This change applies to all Platforms using Hybrid Memory Controller (HMC). PR1384435

  • This is a timing issue during the sxe interface bring up (w.r.t i40e driver). This can be recovered by rebooting the complete board. PR1442249

  • On Junos PTX and QFX platforms, the Jflow service might not report the accurate throughput rate. This issue is seen when there is high sampled traffic rate with low flow cache hit ratio. PR1502645

  • On the PTX platforms with NG-RE installed, after upgrading the Intel i40e-NVM firmware to version 6.01, the FRUs disconnection alarms might be seen along with traffic loss. Please refer to the TSB17603 ( to upgrade Junos software and Intel i40e-NVM firmware. PR1529710

  • FIPS mode is not supported. PR1530951

  • Flapping might be observed on channelized ports of PTX Series routers during ZTP when one of the ports is disabled on the supporting device. PR1534614

  • The socket to sflowd closed error comes up when the ukern socket to sflowd daemon (server) is closed. The error is rectified by itself as the client successfully reestablishes the connection in the subsequent attempts. When these errors are consistent, it indicates a communication issue between sflowd and the sFlow running on the FPC. PR1538863

  • On PTX platforms, when Inline Jflow is configured and high sampling rate (more than 4000 per second) is set, high CPU utilization may be observed and this might result in relevant impacts on traffic analysis and billing. PR1569229

  • Copying files to /tmp/ causes a huge JTASK_SCHED_SLIP. Copy files to /var/tmp/ instead. PR1571214

  • On PTX10008, the end-to-end traffic is not flowing for ethernet-switching in EP style. PR1583219

  • When the interface transitions from down to up, the carrier transition counter value of a particular interface can be incorrect when the peer interface takes longer time to come up. Configuring hold-time for up and down helps to resolve.PR1601946

  • Under MAC statistics output-mac-control-frames & output-mac-pause-frames does not increase. PR1610745

  • While loading baseline configurations in PTX5000 box, continuous FPC core seen at pci_user_pio_read_func and posix_interface_abort along with scheduler hog messages. PR1644576

  • PTX10008 mgmt interface em0 shows speed as 10G instead of 1G. PR1642731

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • If request system zeroize does not trigger zero-touch provisioning, please re-initiate the ZTP as a workaround. PR1529246


  • As the update-threshold configuration changes from an attribute to an object, you need to delete the update-threshold stanza and re-configure it after the downgrade.PR1546447

  • The RSVP interface update threshold configuration syntax has changed between Junos OS Release 18.2X75-D435 and Junos OS Release 20.3X75-D10 to include curly braces around the threshold value. Upgrading and downgrading between these releases is not entirely automatic. The user must delete this stanza if configured before the downgrade and then manually reconfigure. PR1554744

  • On PTX3000 platform, if RPD thrashes during a GRES switchover, there might be traffic loss on MPLS LSPs. PR1590681

Routing Protocols

  • Due to a race condition between route re-convergence and the BGP-PIC version up message to the Packet Forwarding Engine, after a remote transit router reboot, certain BGP routes might reuse stale LDP next hops and cause packet discard at the transit router during the route re-convergence window. PR1495435

  • If OSPF and RSVP are configured, when a device that is out of service is transmitting a large number of LSAs (more than 100,000), extremely busy neighbors are slow in sending LSACKs, and some LSA churn happens caused by route flaps. Then unexpected CSPF link down/deleted events happen on LSPs. This causes other OSPF routers in the OSPF domain to fail their CSPF calculation for the router loopbacks that act as P routers in this topology and thus drop the LSPs, causing traffic impairment. In addition, rpd utilization will be pegged to 100%. PR1576818

  • Traffic loss across the LDP path during traffic shift to another device in the MPLS cloud. Here two routers with two different capacities are converging at two different times, so the micro loop occurs between the two nodes. PR1577458

  • On all Junos and EVO platforms, traffic might continue to forward on the AE (aggregated Ethernet) member link even if MicroBFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) status is in a hold-down state. There is no traffic loss due to the issue. PR1624085

User Interface and Configuration

  • On PTX platforms, the default routing policy might not be changed back after it is changed to network-services enhanced mode. PR1587174

  • On all Junos OS platforms, when copy-configuration, get-configuration, discard-change RPCs run in two parallel NETCONF sessions and the database is also accessed in parallel by two NETCONF sessions, it leads to database corruption and mgd related services might crash. PR1641025