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Open Issues

Learn about open issues Junos OS Release 21.2R3 for EX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • When VLAN is added as an action for changing the VLAN in both ingress and egress filters, the filter is not installed. PR1362609

  • On the EX9214 device, if the MACsec-enabled link flaps after reboot, the error errorlib_set_error_log(): err_id(-1718026239) is observed. PR1448368

  • When running the command, show pfe filter hw filter-name <filter name>, the command fails to retrieve the Packet Forwarding Engine programming details of the filter. PR1495712

  • A delay of 35 seconds is added in reboot time in Junos OS Release 20.2R1 compared to Junos OS Release 19.4R2. PR1514364

  • The rpd process might crash and generate a core file when the telemetry data for a streamed node is deleted during a network churn. The same node is being walked or rendered for the sensor. In this corner case the rendering and deletion of a particular node occurs at the same instance. This issue can occur only in case of an unstable network. PR1552816

  • Traffic drops during unified ISSU due to LAG interface flap. PR1569578

  • On a EX4400 VC, the SNMP MIB object jnRedundencySwitchOverCount will display the number of times the mastership of the Routing Engine that is changed between primary and backup roles. This counter will not be reset to 0 when entire VC is rebooted. The count displayed under jnRedundencySwitchOverCount will be the cumulative value of the switchover events. PR1570359

  • In EVPN_VXLAN deployment, BUM (Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast) traffic replication over VTEP might send out more packets than expected. PR1570689

  • On all Junos OS platforms, traffic loss might be observed because of the rare timing issue when performing frequent Interface Bridge Domain (IFBD) configuration modifications. This behavior is seen when the Packet Forwarding Engine receives out-of-order IFBD(s) from Routing Engine and might lead to the fxpc process crash and traffic drop. PR1572305

  • Pause frames counters are not getting incremented when pause frames are sent. PR1580560

  • On EX Series switches such as EX2300, EX3400, EX4300, EX4600, and EX4650 with broadcom chip as Packet Forwarding Engine, if IS-IS is enabled on an integrated routing and bridging (IRB) interface and the maximum transmission unit (MTU) size of the IRB interface is configured with a value great than 1496 bytes, the IS-IS hello (IIH) PDUs with jumbo frame size (that is, great than 1496 bytes) might be dropped and not sent to the IS-IS neighbors. The following is the product list of EX Series switches with broadcom chip as the Packet Forwarding Engine.PR1595823

  • There is a remote possibility that during many reboots, the Junos VM goes into a state where NMI is needed to continue the reboot. There is no workaround for this and a subsequent reboot does not seem to hit this issue. PR1601867

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The configuration statement fast-lookup-filter with match condition is not supported in FLT hardware and might cause a traffic drop. PR1573350


  • A double free vulnerability in the software forwarding interface daemon (sfid) process of Juniper Networks Junos OS allows an adjacently-connected attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS) by sending a crafted ARP packet to the device. Refer for more information. PR1497768

  • On a EX4400 device, the CLI command show system processes detail will not display CPU details under the CPU column. This issue is fixed from software version 21.3R1 onwards. PR1588150

  • On a EX4400 device, a cloud LED on the device indicates the phone home client states and device connectivity state with the cloud. When the grpc application is configured with non root user, then the cloud LED will not display any pattern related to day1 states. The LED pattern will still be displaying the previous day0 state as applicable. PR1589321

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On EX4300 POE switches, the pfex process CPU utilization becomes high after 6-8 weeks. There is no functional impact. PR1453107

  • When the DHCP relay mode is configured as no-snoop, we are observing the offer gets dropped due to incorrect ASIC programming. This issue only affects while running DHCP relay on EVPN/VXLAN environment. PR1530160

  • On EX9200 line of switches, the FPC gets restarted and thereby disrupts traffic when there is an out-of-order filter state and terms. This issue might be seen only in back-to-back GRES in more than 40 to 50 iterations. PR1579182

  • When a EX4400 Virtual Chassis is scaled with different features configurations and device is stressed with traffic, device might not respond for CLI commands for a short period of time and a vmcore might be reported at that time. Once VM core is saved, device will continue to operate normally. PR1599498

  • On all EX4300 platforms( Except EX4300-MP), local fault insertion is failing when the fault is injected (through a traffic generator) and traffic loss is seen on the port. PR1623215

User Interface and Configuration

  • The issue is seen on EX-series VC only which can be avoided with a simple workaround as to providing a valid package during upgrade command. PR1557628