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Resolved Issues: 21.2R1

Flow-Based and Packet-Based Processing

  • The flowd or srxpfe process might crash when clearing the TCP proxy session. PR1573842

General Routing

  • Packet drops might be seen with all commit events with 1G speed configured interface. PR1524614

  • The Jflow version 5 functionality will not work correctly due to presence of new license infrastructure that is ported recently to vSRX3.0. PR1549988

  • The pkid process runs at 100 percent when the device is unable to connect to a particular URL. PR1560374

  • Fabric probe packets might be processed incorrectly when power-mode-ipsec is enabled. PR1564117

  • The rpd process generates core files at boot time of a device. PR1567043

  • The srxpfe process might stop and generate a core file during the feed update process. PR1579631

  • When a vSRX was performing DNS sinkholing, the sinkhole response packets that it would generate had incorrect checksums. This would cause the receiving client to drop the packet and not be directed to the vSRX's sinkhole. PR1582827

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • On vSRX3.0 the attack-group-entries filters direction 0 limit 1 command is not showing expected values. PR1564761

  • Application identification related signatures might not get triggered. PR1588450


  • J-Web GUI does not allow you to save a rule if the cumulative shared objects are more than 2500 before the policy grid is saved. When there are several shared objects, there will be a noticeable delay in opening sources and destinations of a rule, and performing the rule action. PR1540047

  • After commit pending changes message is shown, the contents of other messages, landing page, or pop-ups are not visible completely. PR1554024

  • To improve performance in Monitoring > Network > Interfaces page, the admin status is removed, services and protocols data merged into one host inbound traffic. PR1574895

Platform and Infrastructure

  • COS queue egress interface forwarding-class might not work as expected. PR1538286

  • If committing source-address <addr> routing-instance and than delete source-address <addr> in private edit mode, commit fails with warning message. PR1582529

Routing Protocols

  • Traffic might be lost during mirror data transmit from the primary ppmd or bfdd. PR1570228