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  • The following methods to protect the chassis from excessive current draw and temperature conditions are supported:
    • Configure Junos OS to automatically shut down the PSM, or raise an alarm and log the event when a field-effect transistor (FET) failure is detected in the power supply module (PSM) by using the specified command. [See thermal-health-check].
    • Configure upgrade of the PSM firmware that will take action when there is an FET failure by using the specified command. [See request system firmware upgrade].
    • Configure Junos OS to raise an alarm and log events when a PSM with upgraded firmware version shuts down due to an FET failure, Junos OS on the attached device.
    • Configure a monitor to check how much power the chassis draws from the PSM using the specified command. If the system draws more power from the PSM than what it should consume, Junos OS raises an alarm or shuts down the system. [See watchdog (PSM)].

      [See Handling Thermal Health Events Using Thermal Health Check and PSM Watchdog].