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Resolved Issues: 21.2R2

Application Layer Gateways (ALGs)

Authentication and Access Control

  • Unified-access-control(UAC) authentication might not work post system reboot. PR1585158

Flow-Based and Packet-Based Processing

  • Multicast traffic drop might occur on TAP interface on SRX Series devices. PR1583214

General Routing

  • IKE configure mode payload is not pushing secondary DNS and secondary WINS attributes to Xauth module with IKEv1. Hence, the client is not getting assigned with secondary DNS and secondary WINS with IKEv1. PR1558831

  • When using log templates (introduced in 21.1R1) with Unified Policies, logs were not generated in a predictable manner. A new construct has been added that allows you to define a default log profile (set security log profile <name> default-profile) that can be used to improve this behavior when multiple log profiles are defined. PR1570105

  • The srxpfe or flowd process might crash when ATP cloud is used. PR1573157

  • vSRX unreachable over SSH after integration with KMS on AWS. PR1584415

  • When combining log profiles and unified policies RT_FLOW_SESSION_DENY logs were not being generated corrected. PR1594587

  • Jflow V9 application-id record: Network based application recognition value for IPv4 application-id are not as expected. PR1595787

  • AAMW functions will be bypassed on HTTPs after AppID package upgraded to version 3313 or later. PR1597179

  • The FPC might not come up if the vCPU number is configured more than 5 vCPU on vSRX3.0 platforms. PR1601823

  • vSRX3 with Mellanox SR-IOV interfaces on VMware interface order is random. PR1604060

  • vSRX might stop forwarding traffic 60 days after Junos upgrade due to the trial license expiring. PR1609551

  • The interface speed is limited to 1G on vSRX 2.0. PR1617397

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • The flowd or srxpfe process might crash when IDP is used on Junos OS Release 21.2R1. PR1610706

Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • The SNMP object jnxJsNatSrcNumPortAvail does not show the proper value. PR1611479


  • Unable to set DynamoDB in HSM module. PR1599069