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Resolved Issues: 21.2R2

General Routing

  • Upgrading the PTX1000 devices with unified SSDs (2x32G SSD) might result in a boot loop in certain scenario. PR1571275

  • Mirrored packets get corrupted when you apply filter with action port-mirror and then discard.PR1576914

  • The RPD_KRT_KERNEL_BAD_ROUTE error message is seen in certain scenarios when the rpd process restarts or GRES happens when NSR is enabled. This error has no functional impact. PR1586466

  • The na-grpc process crash might be seen and existing telemetry connections will be disconnected.PR1587956

  • In a telemetry scenario, the jsd process crash might be seen in rare situations.PR1589103

  • Traffic loss might be observed after changing SAK keys.PR1591432

  • The l2cpd-agent might go unresponsive after starting telemetry service. PR1592473

  • On PTX10008 and PTX10001-36MR platforms, sflow sample-rate configuration greater than 16000000 is not supported. PR1592788

  • [MPC10E] messages log will be filled with Temp Sensor Fail alarm set or clear and cmtfpc_cpu_core_temp_get: Fail to get temp CPU7_PMB messages. PR1597798

  • On PTX10001-36MR, inconsistency in the platform name used in multiple places, version, snmp mibs, etc. PR1597999

  • [sflow] [sflow_sample] PTX1000 :: JDI_FT_REGRESSION:PLATFORM_PFE:ROUTING:Longrow: Longrow [PTX1000]:sflow: Sflow data (inner vlan and outer vlan value, forwarding-class, DSCP value) is not exported while checking from server flow-records at the collector for Ingress Sampling. PR1598263

  • Traffic blackhole might be seen due to the RS Fatal error on FPC-PTX-P1-A/FPC2-PTX-P1A/FPC-SFF-PTX-P1-A/FPC-SFF-PTX-T. PR1600935

  • The Layer 2 circuit packets with destination mac 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cd might get punted.PR1601360

  • The IPv6 traffic might get impacted on the PTX platforms when an IPv6 route resolves over a dynamic tunnel. PR1602007

  • Packet loss might be seen on the filter based GRE deployments. PR1603453

  • On PTX5000 router, link might flap momentarily. PR1606008

  • Memory leaks might be observed on the l2cpd process when performing certain LLDP operations. PR1608699

  • Line-cards might be unstable due to the continuous growing memory usage of evo-cda-bt app. PR1614952

  • The node name must not be attached to the system hostname under LLDP. PR1593991

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The Junos Telemetry Interface optics sensor's alarm data type changed from bool_val to str_val. PR1580113


  • The LDP replication session might not get synchronized when the dual-transport statement is enabled.PR1598174

  • VPLS connection might get down if the dual-transport statement is configured.PR1601854


  • Multicast traffic in MVPN setup might be silently dropped and discarded on platforms acting as transit LSR. PR1555274

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On PTX10008 platforms, syslog does not log information on IPv4 after upgrade.PR1611504

Platform and Infrastructure

  • In Junos OS, upon receipt of specific sequences of genuine packets destined to the device the kernel will crash and restart (vmcore) (CVE-2021-0283, CVE-2021-0284).PR1557881

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process might crash in a BGP multipath scenario if the interface for a single hop EBGP peer goes down. PR1589141

  • BGP egress-TE routes lose to BGP routes using the same protocol preference.PR1593332