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Resolved Issues: 21.2R2

General Routing

  • MPPE-Send or Recv-key attribute is not extracted correctly by dot1xd. PR1522469

  • On EX Series line of switches Virtual Chassis (VC), Power over Ethernet (POE) might not be detected and hence might fail to work on VC members. PR1539933

  • The Virtual Chassis Port (VCP) might not come up in EX4600 line of switches. PR1555741

  • A few transmitting packets might be dropped because the disable-pfe-action command is not invoked when the fabric self-ping failure is detected.PR1558899

  • The DHCP client might not obtain IP address when dhcp-security is configured.PR1564941

  • On EX Series line of switches, the new primary Routing Engine post switchover might go into DB mode (or crash). PR1565213

  • The 40G DAC connection between EX9253 and the peers might not come up. PR1569230

  • Private VLAN configuration might fail in certain scenario. PR1574480

  • The dcpfe crash is observed on Junos OS EX Series line of switches. PR1578859

  • On the EX Series line of switches, a few 40G ports might not be channelized successfully. PR1582105

  • USB boot with image gets stuck and unable to boot the device. PR1582592

  • Packet drops during VRRP primary reboot when 40XS linecard is present on some EX9204 platforms. PR1586740

  • Process dot1xd crash might be seen and re-authentication might be needed on EX9208 platform. PR1587837

  • The rpd crash might be observed on the router running a scaled setup. PR1588439

  • Traffic loss might be observed for interface configured in subnet PR1590040

  • Inconsistent statistics value seen on performing slaac-snooping. PR1590926

  • The show pfe filter hw might generate ERROR (dfw): Unknown group id: 21 message. PR1592096

  • The DHCP relay might not work if it connects with the server via type 5 route which with aggregate Ethernet interface as the underlay interface. PR1592133

  • On all Junos OS platforms, xSTP might not get configured when enabled on an interface with SP style configuration. PR1592264

  • On the EX4300-48MP Virtual Chassis, the backup Routing Engines clear the reporting alarm for a PEM failure intermittently for a missing power source. PR1593795

  • Clients authentication failure might occur due to dot1x daemon memory leak. PR1594224

  • Storm control profile might not be applied on EX2300 platforms. PR1594353

  • On a EX4400 VC, log messages related to fan settings will be observed in chassis traceoptions file. PR1594446

  • The label field for the EVPN Type 1 route is set to 1. PR1594981

  • The MAC/IP withdraw route might be suppressed by rpd in the EVPN-VxLAN scenario. PR1597391

  • The backup Virtual Chassis member might not learn MAC address on a primary after removing a VLAN unit from the SP style aggregated Ethernet interface which is part of multiple VLAN units. PR1598346

  • The l2ald process might crash due to memory leak when all active interfaces in a VLAN are unstable. PR1599094

  • On EX4400 Virtual Chassis, linecard member console might fail to redirect to Virtual Chassis primary. PR1599625

  • Unable to disable the management port em1. PR1600905

  • EX4400 PVIDB schema files not updated for the correct count of (lic_ft_cnt) licensing feature. PR1601449

  • On EX2300 and EX4650, if the system is upgraded from Junos OS 20.2 or later, either using phone-home feature or when the system is in factory default state. Upgrading might fail crashing the phone-home feature. PR1601722

  • On EX2300 VC platforms ARP might not get resolved. PR1602003

  • On EX4400 Virtual Chassis, the Cloud LED will display pattern for NO_CLOUD_RESPONSE when there is no IP address present on IRB interface or no DNS is configured on the device. PR1602664

  • On EX4400 switches, dot1x authentication might not work on EVPN/xlan enabled endpoints. PR1603015

  • The NSSU performed with MACsec configuration might result in fxpc core. PR1603602

  • MAC move might be seen between the ICL and MC-LAG interface if adding or removing VLANs on the ICL interface. PR1605234

  • On EX4400 POE supported device, POE firmware upgrade should be done with bt-firmware CLI option only. PR1606276

  • On EX Series switches, the fxpc process might crash and generate a core dump. PR1607372

  • On EX4300 platform, the dcpfe process might crash and generate a core file. PR1608306

  • DHCP packets might be received and then returned back to DHCP relay through the same interface on EX2300, EX3400, and EX4300 Virtual Chassis platforms. PR1610253

  • Change in commit error message while configuring the same vlan-id with different vlan-name through openconfig CLI. PR1612566

  • OAM Connectivity Fault Management adjacency is not forming on EX4300. PR1619231

  • EVPN type 5 routes might not be installed. PR1620808

  • If subscriber service is enabled, the memory usage continuously increases on backup chassis. PR1595238


  • Traffic loss might be seen under EVPN-VxLAN scenario when MAC-IP moves from one CE interface to another. PR1591264

  • On all Junos OS platforms, traffic loss might be seen if aggregated Ethernet bundle interface with ESI is disabled on primary Routing Engine followed by a Routing Engine switchover. PR1597300


  • The fxpc process might crash and generates a core file. PR1611480

Interfaces and Chassis

  • ARP resolution failure might occur during VRRP failover. PR1578126

Junos Fusion Enterprise

  • Reverting the primary Routing Engine from RE1 to RE0 might lead to l2ald daemon crash and cause an outage. PR1601817

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The DHCP client might be offline for about 120 seconds after sending the DHCPINFORM message. PR1587982

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Upon receipt of specific sequences of genuine packets destined to the device, the kernel will crash and restart (vmcore). PR1557881

  • The pfex might crash during PIC 4x 1G/10G SFP/SFP+ offline or online. PR1582457

  • The egress RACL firewall filter might not get programmed correctly on EX4300 platforms. PR1595797

  • Broadcast traffic might be discarded when a firewall filter is applied to the loopback interface. PR1597548

  • VLAN tagged traffic might be dropped with service provider style configuration. PR1598251

  • When you configure mac-move-limit statement, forwarding the VRRP packet is not possible. PR1601005

  • Adding aggregated Ethernet configuration without child member might cause MAC/ARP learning issues. PR1602399

  • The ZTP service might not work and the image installation might fail. PR1603227

  • Slaac-Snooping global address entry learnt over vtep interface does not RENEW sometimes after lease timer expiry.PR1603269

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd might crash in scaled routing instances scenario. PR1590638

Virtual Chassis

  • EX4300 VCP might not come up after upgrade when QSFP+-40G-SR4/QSFP+-40G-LR4/QSFP+40GE-LX4 is used. PR1579430