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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for MX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Class of Service (CoS)

  • In a Junos Fusion deployment, dynamic removal and addition of a logical interface under interface-set might lead to failure of the traffic control profile on the interface-set. PR1593058

  • Traffic might be dropped upon deactivating or activating the target-mode using the set chassis satellite-management fpc target-mode statement. PR1593059

  • IEEE 802.1 rewrite rule might not work on the MPC10 line card. PR1604943


  • There might be a few duplicate packets in an A/A EVPN scenario when the remote PE device sends packets with IM label due to MAC not being learned on the remote PE device but being learned on the A/A local PE device. The non-DF sends the IM-labeled encapsulated packet to the PE-CE interface after the MAC lookups instead of dropping the packet, which causes duplicate packets on the CE side. PR1245316

  • PBB-EVPN PE cannot learn remote CE MAC address due to ARP suppression enabled. PR1529940

  • On the MX960 router, bridge mac-table learning entries are not as expected for the EVPN-VXLAN-1 routing instance. PR1600310

  • EVPN local ESI MAC limit might not be effective in some scenarios. PR1619299

  • Device does not become ready for switchover. PR1620966

Flow-based and Packet-based Processing

  • The 512 or larger anti-replay window size is recommended for the IPv4 or IPv6 traffic over IPsec tunnel when you enable fat-tunnel. PR1470637

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Traffic drop occurs and filter does not hit as expected for the match condition traffic class with theflt command enabled. PR1573350

General Routing

  • On MX104 router, CPU gets busy with the sporadic L2C access error message and false alarms. PR1223979

  • Commit check for validating the interface name is not available for the show interface command. PR1306191

  • The cfmd process might generate a core file if you add or remove multiple iterations of configurations. PR1620651

  • The rpd process might crash if you resolve the BGP route over the same prefix protocol next-hop in the inet.3 table that has both RSVP and LDP routes. PR1458595

  • In DNS filtering, when you send the DNS requests from the server and implicit filters as well as routes to the service PIC are configured, it causes the DNS packets to loop. PR1468398

  • The following error messages occurs:

  • The backup Routing Engine reboots because of the power cycle or failure when you perform the offline and online operations on CB1. PR1497592

  • Transit IPv4 traffic forwarding over BGP SR-TE might not work. PR1505592

  • During flooding, MAC is learnt only on normal access port but not on the aggregated Ethernet interface trunk port. PR1506403

  • Changing the scaled firewall profiles on the fly does not release the TCAM resources as expected. PR1512242

  • Active sensor check fails while checking the show agent sensors |display xml command. PR1516290

  • Multiple FRUs disconnection alarms might be displayed post the firmware upgrade. PR1529710

  • The MACsec PICs might stay offline in the new primary after ISSU. PR1534225

  • On MX2020 router, the next hops are less than a total of nhdb 4MPOST GRES. PR1539305

  • PTP to PTP noise transfer test fails. PR1543982

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine statistics does not shown GNF in the sublc mode that has the Packet Forwarding Engine mapping from non-zero Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1547890

  • During power cycle, the 100G port down issue occurs occasionally on et-0/0/54 and et-0/0/55 with INNOLIGHT 100G-AOC cables. PR1548525

  • The rpd process might generate core file rarely in case of heavy network when telemetry streaming is in progress. PR1552816

  • The TCP session is not establised on DCPFE restart on the primary node. PR1557607

  • ICMP error packet does not have relevant header when you configure the packets with DSLite, appropriate ICMP ALG name, and one UDP application name. PR1616633

  • On MX960 routers, link deviance tolerance becomes more than the expected range while verifying the chash load balance after including more prefixes to the BGP chash. PR1621529

  • Traffic drop occurs while verifying the flow of tagged traffic over the Layer 3 interface. PR1622514

  • Port speed gets displayed as 100G even though the chassis configuration is set for 40G. PR1623237

  • On MX10008 routers, the GRE keepalive adjacency state is in the Down state even though the GRE tunnel is in the Up state. PR1559200

  • IGMP joins where there are more than expected value while verifying the IGMP snooping membership in the CE router. PR1560588

  • The session status becomes nonresponsive in the Invalid state after the core-facing link fails in the primary PE devices. PR1562387

  • Line card gets moved from SLC to full line card mode, the FPC becomes nonresponsive due to spmb not replying in an extremely rare scenario. PR1563050

  • One of the SLCs can be momentarily observed with chassis connection dropped message after configuration changes between asymmetric and symmetric modes. PR1564233

  • The Layer 2 input or output multicast counters do are not get accounted into the reporting file. PR1566436

  • The 0/0/0 pic type F050 does not support the log messages generated under chassisd and other messages in logs. PR1566440

  • Stale TCNH entries occurs in the new primary Routing Engine post switchover with NSR, even though all the prpd routes are deleted. PR1566666

  • The sub line cards (SLC) might reboot after loading the configured inline services and services along with the dfwd filters. PR1567313

  • MAC addresses might not be relearned successfully after MAC address ages timeout. PR1567723

  • The Tunnel id: does not exist message displays the Packet Forwarding Engine when you execute the show dynamic-tunnel database statistics command after deactivating the routing-options dynamic-tunnel with high scale of tunnels. PR1568284

  • Unexpected multicast traffic streams after enabling EVPN occurs. PR1570689

  • Packets with the MAC address of eth0 and macvlan0@eth0 interface might be sent out to the management interface on the VMHOST platform with NG-RE. PR1571753

  • The fxpc process might crash and cause traffic loss in the IFBD scenario. PR1572305

  • After Junos OS upgrade, the MAC address changes on the MPC9E PIC1 interfaces. Static MAC configurations might be affected. PR1575009

  • Verification of NAT POOL DETAIL fails while verifying the SIP and bi-directional mapping with the block-size configured as default. PR1576398

  • The rpd process might generate core file in the subscribers setup with scaled around 32,000 connections. PR1577085

  • The OSPF session over IRB might not come up in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1577183

  • After FPC restarts, the static MACs configured over the aggregated Ethernet interface does not get programmed in forwarding, causing flooding of traffic. PR1581325

  • On simulating, the kernel crashes to trigger BSYS Routing Engine switchover and the SLCs or FPCs stay in the Present state while the GNFs becomes unreachable. PR1584478

  • On the MPC10E line cards, classifier and rewrite does not support on the LT interface with ethernet-ccc/ethernet-bridge encapsulation. PR1585374

  • BGP-CT over SRTE occurs when option C is used at ASBRs. PR1586636

  • NAT EIM mapping is created even for out to in the FTP ALG child sessions. PR1587849

  • The show services count command on the vms interface is not as expected while you send the FTP traffic from public side after configuring with NAPT44+EIM+APP+PCP. PR1588046

  • On the MPC11 line cards, the aftd process crashes at dfw_term_dictionary_get_next (term=0x0, dfw=0x7f1431da34c0) at ../../../../../src/pfe/common/applications/dfw/dfw_term.c:1460. PR1589619

  • Minor traffic drops during MBB of RSVP LSP without the optimize-adaptive-teardown statement occurs. PR1590656

  • On MX2020 and MX2010 routers, many ppe traps occurs during iterative enhanced mode ISSU on DUT with scaled pseudowire headend termination configuration on the MPC11E line card. PR1593335

  • The aftd-trio[13014]: [Error] IF:IfdCfgMsg, ifd not found, ifdIndex:2399 syslog error messages during subLC bootup occurs. PR1594816

  • The Layer 2 BUM traffic received from across WAN gets dropped in DCI-GW due to dlu.ucode.discard trapstats with shared-tunnels configurations in the DCI-GW nodes. PR1597181

  • FPCs state becomes nonresponsive at Announce offline state when you perform multiple offline or online for FPCs. PR1598102

  • The fpc process generates core file after longevity test. PR1599469

  • During the phase 2 of the Node Slicing-SLC-FHP, the SLC action restarts and becomes nonresponsive in the Present state and the FHP action timesouts. PR1600559

  • The process generates frame stuck messages when you add the MPC11E line card subLC to GNF. PR1600749

  • The BFD session flaps on the irb interface. PR1604150

  • After GRES (NSR) switchovers from the Routing Engine 1 to Routing Engine 0, then Routing Engine 1 reboots the system with the following error message:

  • When two fabric planes are offlined or onlined, then the system generates Destination Error error message for the one of the plane. PR1605770

  • Duplicate syslog messages gets displayed for IPv4 and IPv6 sessions after the Configure NAT Services with 2 service sets (next-hop style) one for NAPT44 and another for NAPT64. PR1614358

  • When FPC is online, the FPC 1 powers off due to power budgeting. PR1607147

  • When bringing down the primary path by injecting the Packet Forwarding Engine, error message gets generated with FRR in 900+ mili-seconds. PR1609768

  • The show network-agent statistics command displays the Node-name : SYS_NAME_UNAVAIL message and component ID does not display correct value for the cmerror sensor. PR1610325

  • In some NAPT44 and NAT64 scenarios, duplicate SESSION_CLOSE syslog message appears. PR1614358

  • Traffic might be interrupted when you change the configuration from the AMS warm-standby to AMS deterministic NAT. PR1597386


  • Upgrade might fail when you upgrade from Junos OS with FreeBSD 6. PR1572963

  • On Panic 0-size, the vmcore process generates a core file. PR1607299

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The cfmd process might generate core file if you add and remove multiple iterations of configuration. PR1620651

  • Delay in CLI application configuration by the dcd process appers when you configure the aggregated Ethernet interface members through JET API. PR1621482

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • On MX5, MX10, MX40, MX80, and MX104 routers, the jdhcpd memory might leak when you test the DHCP subscribers login and logout. PR1432162

  • ZTP does not get activated after the device deletes all the values once or twice. PR1529246


  • Single hop BFD sessions on client IS-IS flaps during GRES. PR1541814

  • The Amnesiac mode appears after a downgrade from Junos OS Release 18.2X75-D65 to 18.2X75-D521 downgrades. PR1546447

  • Sometimes RPD might crash if you configure the express segments with the SRTE underlay protocol. PR1613372

  • The LSP might fail to be established when you enable the ISIS-TE or OSPF-TE. PR1575060

  • The rpd process generates core file if you configure the use-for-shortcut command on the SR-TE tunnel, which uses the SR Algo 0 Prefix SID. PR1578994

  • When the aggregated Ethernet interface flaps, the rpd process remains hundred percent and all the LSPs do not come up. PR1595853

  • Sometimes MPLS LSP might go down due to a timing issue when a protected link goes down. PR1598207

  • After GRES (NSR), switchovers on the new primary Routing Engine occurs with JTASK_SCHED_SLIP for 161 seconds. PR1600159

  • The next-hop update takes around 75 seconds in the forwarding-table when the primary aggregated Ethernet interface goes down towards core. PR1610620


  • The rpd process generates core file at rt_iflnh_lookup_and_set_nhid,krt_process_comp_nh,krt_build_fwd_nh_from_rnh_msg,krt_decode_nexthop_msg. PR1588128

Platform and Infrastructure

  • MPLS packet is classified as control traffic. PR1010604

  • The commit synchronize command might fail due to kernel socket becoming nonresponsive. PR1027898

  • FPC might crash due to MAC-move between two interfaces under the same bridge domain. PR1607767

  • The vmxt_lnx process generates a core file at dfw_set_action_discard dfw_parse_action_tlv dfw_add_match_or_action. PR1608165

  • The MX Series router might drop packets larger than the tunnel interface MTU as tail drops in an egress queue. PR1386350

  • Arrival rates do not appear at the system level when you configure the global-disable. PR1438367

  • Loss of traffic on switchover occurs when you use filter applied on the child logical interface. PR1487937

  • On MX480 router, during the verification of GRES and NSR functionality with VXLAN feature, the convergence is not as expected in the Layer 2 DOMAIN to Layer 3 VXLAN. PR1520626

  • The vmxt_lnx process generates the core file at KtreeSpace::FourWayLeftAttachedNode::getNextDirty Trinity_Ktree::walkSubTree Trinity_Ktree::walkSubTree. PR1525594

  • The offer message from the server reaches the relay agent. However, the message does not get forwarded to IRBs on which clients are connected. PR1530160

  • On MX480 router, expected probes do not occur when you configure and test the Packet Forwarding Engine based-RPM for the probe type icmp-ping. PR1556697

  • On MX960 router, ethernet-output-bytes are not in the expected range while verifying the Ethernet MAC level with both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic for VLAN tagged interfaces. PR1579797

Routing Protocols

  • Interoperability issue occurs in the draft-rosen MVPN. PR993870

  • Routing process crashes on MX routers. PR1620463

  • The SCP command with the routing instance (-JU) is not supported. PR1364825

  • On MX2010 router, the BFD session on the IS-IS step up flaps during the ISSU and FRU upgrade stage. PR1453705

  • High CPU utilization by BGP I/O thread on the primary Routing Engine might occur if you enable NSR on a large-scale BGP setup. PR1488984

  • On MX960 router, the backup path fails to install in the LAN scenario and breaks the SR-MPLS for LAN when you configure more than four end-x SIDs on the interface. PR1512174

  • Conformance issues draft-ietf-idr-bgp-ext-opt-param occurs. PR1554639

  • The routes do not get copied from the transport ribs (junos-rti-tc-200.inet.3) to bgp.transport.3 in the device with transport. PR1556632

  • A single hop BFD session over IRB interface works in the centralized mode if the VPLS instance the IRB belongs to has only LSI interfaces bound to VPLS pseudowires and has no local non-tunnel attachment circuits. PR1563947

  • SHA-1 system login password format are not accepted post upgrade. PR1571179

  • Multiple single-hop BGP sessions on different links using the same link-local address occur. PR1575179

  • The unexpected CSPF link down or deleted events on LSPs occur. PR1576818

  • On MX480 router, the SLIP messages appears while testing the inline GRE reassembly feature with the GRE interface scaling. PR1581042

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

  • There is no counter for juniper-local default action. PR1570500

User Interface and Configuration

  • Commit fails for the backup Routing Engine for the deactivated MPLS lsp priority command. PR1519367

  • The mgd process might crash when you execute the image upgrade command. PR1557628

  • The commitd process generates a core file at cbsd_util.c:cbsd_db_open:203 along with the load override. PR1569607

  • The dfwc and dcd processes might crash when you perform a commit-check after a previously terminated (with ctrl+c) commit-check. PR1600435


  • During unified ISSU from Junos OS Release 18.4R1 to Junos OS Release 19.1, traffic through IPSEC VPN fails. PR1416334

  • When you change the configuration from the route base to policy based in the main DUT and IPsec tunnel, the tunnel from the peer device does not get cleared. PR1519830