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Resolved Issues: 21.2R1

General Routing

  • FPC reboot might be observed in the events of jlock hog more than 5 seconds. PR1439929

  • The dcpfe crash might be seen on platforms with auto-channelization enabled. PR1484336

  • Aggregate Ethernet interfaces do not display member links' statistic. PR1505596

  • Error messages t6e_dfe_tuning_state:et-6/0/0 - Failed to dfe tuning count 10 might be seen after links flap PR1512919

  • Packet drops might be seen with all commit events with 1G speed configured interface. PR1524614

  • The VM host platform might crash continuously after performing upgrade or downgrade and booting up with the new image. PR1544875

  • On the PTX10000 platforms, traffic might get dropped when the set routing-options forwarding-table no-ecmp-fast-reroute configuration is changed to 128 ECMP entries. PR1547457

  • WR Linux 6 platforms might get stuck after upgrading or downgrading image version and restarting device. PR1547669

  • PTX1000 and PTX10002 platforms could get stuck after performing vmhost reboot post image upgrade. PR1548254

  • On PTX3000 platform, the chassisd might crash with faulty SIB3.PR1551291

  • The interface filter with source-port 0 matches everything instead of port 0. PR1551305

  • Packet drop might happen on the aggregate Ethernet bundle which has the single child member only. PR1551736

  • There might be traffic drop when default EXP classifier maps traffic to FC with no schedulers. PR1554266

  • The micro BFD session might flap with DDoS policer. PR1557782

  • The device might run out of service post GRES/ISSU. PR1558958

  • Major alarms might be seen when a large class-of-service buffer-size is configured. PR1559459

  • Traffic drop might be seen in 128 or more way ECMP paths after FPC restart. PR1559528

  • The command show system health-monitor is hidden for PTX10000 platform. PR1560268

  • In PTX10000 platform, the command set chassis display is hidden. PR1560453

  • After recovering from restart routing immediately, object-info anomalies are observed on rpdagent. PR1561812

  • On PTX10000, an enhancement to enable watchdog petting log on Line Cards.PR1561980

  • The dcpfe process might crash in ECMP scenario. PR1564147

  • Junos OS, upon receipt of specific packets BFD sessions might flap due to DDoS policer implementation in Packet Forwarding Engine (CVE-2021-0280). PR1564807

  • On PTX10002-60C platform, another port will also shutdown after shutting down one port. PR1568294

  • LLDP out-of-bounds read vulnerability in l2cpd. PR1569312

  • Interface hold-time down feature might not work in certain conditions. PR1570204

  • PTX1000 with unified disk fails netboot with Timed out waiting for device dev-jvg_P-jlvmjunos.device message. PR1571275

  • The gRPC session hanging is in CLOSED state. PR1571999

  • Channelized ports on PTX10002 platforms might drop traffic. PR1575742

  • In PTX5000, you might observe traffic loss.PR1578511

  • TACACS traffic might be dropped. PR1578579

  • BFD sessions might flap during traffic spikes on PTX platforms. PR1578599

  • Authentication might fail if the password contains special characters. PR1580003

  • The IS-IS packet might be corrupted on the provider edge device over the Layer 2 circuit tunnel. PR1580047

  • On PTX platforms, the traffic might drop. PR1580211

  • The clear synchronous-ethernet wait-to-restore interface command not available. PR1581556

  • On PTX5000 and PTX3000, configure and delete the FEC mode will disable the auto-FEC91 on an interface that uses QSFP28-SR4. PR1582200

  • Junos telemetry Interfaces: Missing Leaves - Transceiver/state. PR1583076

  • On PTX10008, show chassis clocks - should be handled in a meaningful error. PR1583715

  • The packets might be dropped by Packet Forwarding Engine of PTX5000 after changing the queue of IEEE-802.1ad classifier on FPC-PTX-P1-A or FPC2-PTX-P1A. PR1584042

  • On Junos OS, QFX Series and PTX Series; FPC resource usage increases when certain packets are processed which are being VXLAN encapsulated (CVE-2021-31361). PR1584197

  • JDI-RCT: T/PTX, Failed to get pechip handle for chip 0 and prds_encap_sample_flood_lpbk_desc_install: Egress NH descriptor install OK for Flabel 7808 errors seen during bringup. PR1585594

  • The na-grpc process crash might be seen and existing telemetry connections will be disconnected. PR1587956

  • There might be higher latency in traffic flow than configured or default value. PR1588514

  • In a telemetry scenario, the jsd process crash might be seen in rare situations. PR1589103

  • On PTX3000 and PTX5000 platforms, the 40G and 100G interface might get stuck down after link flaps. PR1589170

  • The Layer 2 circuit packets with destination mac 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cd may get punted. PR1601360


  • EVPN option is missing under [edit routing-instances routing-instance-name protocols] PR1581821

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Junos OS, user-defined ARP Policer is not applied on Aggregated Ethernet (AE) interface until firewall process is restarted (CVE-2021-0289). PR1528403

General Routing

  • On PTX10008, NSR Support for LDP/RSVP/BGP: BGP NH_index (indirect and unilist) change after GRES+NSR Trigger causing a momentary (unexpected) traffic loss. PR1560323


  • The kernel crash with core file might be seen if churn happens for a flood composite next hop. PR1548545

  • The TCP session might fail on devices with dual Routing Engines. PR1555441

  • Next-hop incorrectly associated with lo0 in forwarding-table when interface is configured as unnumbered. PR1570918

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The copying of files to the RCB over WAN ports is slow. PR1496895


  • MPLS-LIB memory leak might be seen in SR scenario. PR1556495

  • Traffic sent over an LSP might be dropped if two consecutive PLRs along the LSP perform local repair and bypass protecting the second PLR fails. PR1566101

  • The rpd process on the transit node might crash when MPLS traceroute on the ingress node is performed. PR1573517

  • Sub-optimal routing issues might be seen in case LDP route with multiple next-hops. PR1582037


  • FPC might crash in a multicast scenario. PR1569957

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The mib2d process crashes and generates a core dump on backup Routing Engine. PR1557384

  • FPC crash might be observed in a scaled firewall configuration on PTX series platforms. PR1586817

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Generated route goes to the hidden state when the protect core command is enabled. PR1562867

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd might restart after interface flap if Layer2-map. PR1557710

  • BGP LU session flap might be seen with the AIGP used scenario. PR1558102

  • Traffic loss might occur for stitched traffic from SR towards LDP if no-eligible-backup is configured. PR1558565

  • The ppmd memory leak might cause traffic loss. PR1561850

  • Traffic loss might be observed due to the rpd crash in BGP multipath scenario. PR1568600

  • BGP session carrying VPNv4 prefix with IPv6 next-hop might be dropped. PR1580578

  • Process rpd crash might be seen in certain IS-IS scenario. PR1583484

  • The rpd crash might be seen when BGP RPKI session record-lifetime is configured less than the hold-time. PR1585321

  • BGP Egress-TE routes lose to BGP routes using the same protocol-preference. PR1593332

User Interface and Configuration

  • The LACP might stop working after disabling LACP sync-reset. PR1576146


  • The rpd might crash during a race condition under BGP multipath scenario. PR1567918