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Resolved Issues: 21.2R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The buffer allocation for VCP ports might not get released in Packet Forwarding Engine after physically moving the port location. PR1581187

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Configuration archive transfer-on-commit fails when running Junos OS Release 18.2R3-S6.5. PR1563641

General Routing

  • When you rename a Virtual Chassis, the SNMP POE MIB walk produce either no results or sometimes show result from the primary Virtual Chassis. PR1503985

  • The OSPF neighborship gets stuck in the Start state after configuring the EVPN-VXLAN. PR1519244

  • Packet drops with all commit events with 1G speed configured interface. PR1524614

  • High EVENTD CPU utilization upon receiving LLMNR and MDNS traffic on EX2300. PR1544549

  • The device might be out of service after configuring the em1 or em2 interface. PR1544864

  • Two Routing Engines might lose communication if they have different Junos OS versions on MX10003 and EX Series switches. PR1550594

  • "Cattle-Prod Daemon received unknown trigger (type Semaphore, id 1)" error messages are seen on the vty when the CLI commands to fetch host route scale are issued. PR1554140

  • OIR of CBs might result in major errors and the Packet Forwarding Engine disable action halted traffic forwarding on the FPCs. PR1554145

  • The link on the Linux based LC is not brought down immediately after the FPC process(ukern/indus.elf) crashes or the process is killed PR1554430

  • Traffic might be dropped when a firewall filter rule uses the then VLAN action. PR1556198

  • FPC with power related faults might get on-lined again once Fabric Healing has off-lined the FPC. PR1556558

  • On the EX4300 device, script fails while committing the IPSec authentication configuration as the algorithm statement is missing. PR1557216

  • The MAC addresses learned in a Virtual Chassis might fail due to aging out in the MAC scaling environment. PR1558128

  • The rpd process generates a core file after the Routing Engine switchover. PR1558814

  • Some transmitting packets might get dropped due to the "disable-pfe" action is not invoked when the fabric self-ping failure is detected. PR1558899

  • The tunable optics SFP+-10G-T-DWDM-ZR does not work on EX Series devices. PR1561181

  • When dot1x server-fail-voip vlan-name is configured, ensure that both server-fail-voip vlan-name and voip vlan are configured using vlan-name and not by using vlan-id. PR1561323

  • When you open the configuration database, "Could not open configuration database during usb upgrading" error is seen. PR1561741

  • EX3400VC - SMARTD pollutes syslog every 5 seconds after the upgrade or when the system reboots. PR1562396

  • If a license key has features that are not applicable on the platform (unknown features), the license key is rejected. If the license key has one or more platform applicable features (known features) along with unknwon features, license key addition is successful with LICENSE_INVALID_FEATURE_ID syslog warning message for the unknown features. PR1562700

  • On EX3400-VC line of switches, the DAEMON-7-PVIDB throws syslog messages for every 12 to 14 minutes after you upgrade to Junos OS Release 19.1R3-S3. PR1563192

  • Client authentication is failing after performing GRES. PR1563431

  • The JWeb upgrade might fail on EX2300 and EX3400 line of switches. PR1563906

  • The DHCP client might not obtain IP address when dhcp-security is configured PR1564941

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine telemetry data might not be streamed out in EX Series Virtual Chassis. PR1566528

  • On EX4600 platform, internal comment 'Placeholder for QFX Series platform configuration' might be seen on performing show config CLI command. PR1567037

  • RPD core file is generated when the device reboots and the daemon restarts. No service impact is observed when the deamon restarts using the routing protocol. PR1567043

  • EX2300 shows high FPC CPU usage. PR1567438

  • The Designated Forwarder (DF) might not forward traffic. PR1567752

  • The 40G DAC connection between EX9253 and the peers might not come up. PR1569230

  • Packet loss might be observed when sample based action is used in firewall filter. PR1571399

  • Port-mirroring might not work when the analyzer output is a trunk interface. PR1575129

  • Protocol convergence between end nodes might fail when L2PT is enabled on transit switch. PR1576715

  • The device implemented with different service image version might become VC member as unexpected. PR1576774

  • MVR configuration cannot be configured on EX2300-C switches. PR1577905

  • The fxpc process might crash on EX Series platforms. PR1578421

  • Random/silent reboot might be seen on EX2300-24MP/EX2300-48MP platforms. PR1579576

  • The voice VLAN might not get assigned to the access interface. PR1582115

  • The l2ald crash if a specific naming format is applied between a vlan-range and a single vlan. PR1583092

  • When EX2300-MP in standalone mode is used as a DHCP server, initial set of packets received in the server might get dropped. PR1583983

  • After performing NSSU, "timeout waiting for response from fpc0" error message is seen while checking version details. PR1584457

  • DSCP rewriting might fail to work on EX2300 switches. PR1586341

  • The reserved multicast traffic ( might be dropped if IGMP-snooping with pdu-block-on-edge is configured. PR1586970

  • The SNMP trap for MAC notifications might not be generated when an interface is added explicitly under switch-options. PR1587610

  • The rpd crash might be observed on the router running a scaled setup. PR1588439

  • Packet loss could be observed on dynamically assigning VoIP VLAN. PR1589678

  • Inconsistent statistics value is seen on performing slaac-snooping. PR1590926

  • The LLDP packet might loose on the EX-4300MP platform if LLDP is configured on the management interface. PR1591387

  • The show pfe filter hw command might generate the following error message:


  • xSTP might not get configured when enabled on a interface with SP style configuration on all platforms. PR1592264

  • On the EX4400 chassis supporting POE, the show poe controller command might not show details of any POE firmware available for upgrade. You must manually perform a POE firmware upgrade during downtime to upgrade to the latest firmware if packaged with current software version installed on the device. PR1598766

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • The ksyncd core file might be observed while applying the configuration to a logical interface. PR1551777


  • On the EX4300 Virtual Chassis or Virtual Chassis Fan, HEAP malloc(0) is detected. PR1546036

  • Traffic related to IRB interface might be dropped when mac-persistence-timer expires. PR1557229

  • Traffic might not be forwarded on EX3400 and EX4300mp platforms with Layer 2 classifier rules applied. PR1561263

  • Some MAC addresses might not be aged out on EX4300 platforms. PR1579293

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The ppmd might crash when VRRP is configured on all Junos OS or EVO platforms. PR1561281

  • MC-AE interfaces might go down if same VRRP group-id is configured on multiple IRB units. PR1575779

  • The aggregate Ethernet interface might flap. PR1576533

  • VRRP incorrect advertisement threshold values are seen on VRRP groups when VRRP is configured on EX2300 boxes. PR1584499

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • An aggregated Ethernet interface flap might be seen during NSSU. PR1551925

  • The DHCP client will be offline for 120 seconds after sending the DHCPINFORM message in the DHCP relay scenario. PR1575740

Layer 2 Features

  • MAC addresses learnt from MC-LAG client device might keep flapping between the ICL interface. MC-AE interface after one child link is disabled. PR1582473

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On the EX3400 Virtula Chassis, you cannot perform console access on the backup Virtual Chassis member. PR1530106

  • Packets transiting through multicast-based VXLAN VTEP interface might be dropped post FPC restart. PR1536364

  • The targeted-broadcast feature might send out duplicate packets. PR1553070

  • The traffic might be dropped on Layer 3 LAG after rebooting or halting any member of EX4300 VC. PR1556124

  • The LLDP neighbor advertisement on EX4300 might send an incorrect 802.3 power format with TLV length 7 instead of length Layer 2. PR1563105

  • The last flapped timestamp for interface fxp0 resets every time when you perform monitor traffic interface fxp0. PR1564323

  • When you enable the soft error recovery feature on Packet Forwarding Engine, the PFEX might crash. PR1567515

  • On all EX9200 platforms with EVPN-VXLAN configured, the next-hop memory leak in MX Series ASIC occurs when a route churn for remote MAC-IP entries learned bound to the IRB interface in EVPN-VXLAN routing instance. When the ASIC's next-hop memory partition is exhausted, the FPC might reboot. PR1571439

  • Introduce two new major CMERRORs for XM chip-based line card to stabilize the running device. PR1574631

  • DHCP packets with source IP as link-local address drop in EX4300. PR1576022

  • Firewall filter is not programmed correctly and traffic would be dropped unexpectedly. PR1586433

  • The egress RACL firewall filter might not get programmed correctly on EX4300 platforms. PR1595797

Routing Protocols

  • The ppmd memory leak might cause traffic loss. PR1561850

  • The rpd process might crash if there are more routes changed during the commit-sync processing window. PR1565814

  • The untagged packets might not work on EX Series platforms. PR1568533

  • BGP session carrying VPNv4 prefix with IPv6 next-hop might be dropped. PR1580578

  • The rpd might crash in scaled routing instances scenario. PR1590638

User Interface and Configuration

  • The J-Web application cannot be auto-updated for all the supported EX Series devices. PR1563588

Virtual Chassis

  • On the EX4600 and the EX4300 line of switches mixed Virtual Chassis, the following error message appears when you change the configuration related to interface:

  • EX4300 VCP might not come up after upgrade when QSFP+-40G-SR4/QSFP+-40G-LR4/QSFP+40GE-LX4 is used. PR1579430