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Known Limitations

Learn about known limitations in this release for QFX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Junos OS can hang trying to acquire the SMP IPI lock while rebooting when it is running as a VM on Linux and QEMU hypervisor. Device can be recovered using power-cycle of the device PR1385970

  • On QFX10002 line of switches, issue occurs due to the PECHIP limitation when you tag the underlay. After de-encapsulation, when the inner packet recirculates, the packets retains the VLAN tag property from the outer header since the outer header was tagged. Thus, 4 bytes of inner tag gets overwritten in the inner packet and gets corrupted resulting in EGP checksum trap in PECHIP. A workaround has been added to enable the ncapsulate-inner-vlan statement. PR1435864

  • On QFX10002 platform, for sFlow egress sampling on an AE interface under Dynamic IPIP tunnel transit scenario, the nextHop field will not be present in the sFlow export data. PR1533307

  • On QFX5100 devices not running the qfx-5e codes (non-TVP architecture), when an image with the Broadcom SDK upgrade (6.5.x) is installed, the CPU utilization may go up by around 5%. PR1534234

  • RPD core dump is observed at device reboot and/or daemon restart time. Daemon recovers and there is no service impact on routing protocol usage. Impact: Feature usage reporting for scale based licensed features in routing area will not be reported. Junos-Evolved based PTX products have scale based routing features and hence are impacted due to this issue. Junos bassed QFX and EX products do not have scale based routing features and hence are not impacted due to this issue. PR1567043

  • On QFX10002-72Q devices, configuration validation is not supported during an image downgrade or upgrade. PR1579050

Routing Protocols

  • On QFX5120-48YM platform, when scale of IPv4 and IPv6 routes are present in LPM profile, few of the IPv6 routes will not be installed when the ports on which routes are learnt is flapped due to LPM table full error. PR1557655