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Resolved Issues: 21.2R2

Authentication and Access Control

  • Root password might not be accepted under su on the Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1607861

Class of Service (CoS)

  • MPLS fixed classifiers might not work on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1616492

General Routing

  • The mpls-label is not reaped out when configured for segment routing SID ingress sensors. PR1516811

  • With multiservices scaled configuration and Junos telemetry interface monitoring running after routing restart, protocols or services remain down and rpd does not respond or recover. PR1520977

  • On PTX10003 routers, global port mirroring applied with deactivation does not display XML correctly. PR1529413

  • Huge invalid statistics shown in the show interface statistics output when an interface is removed and added from an aggregated Ethernet bundle. PR1575623

  • MTU changes cause interface to flap multiple times. PR1576199

  • On the PTX10008 platforms, after FPC restart, static MACs configured over aggregated Ethernet does not get programmed in forwarding causes flooding of the traffic. PR1581325

  • On the PTX10004 platforms, after disabling active path, forcing FRR shows large traffic loss and increased irp.core.trapcode.cfg_err counter. PR1582170

  • Packet loss might be seen during global repair of FRR. PR1586122

  • The error message RPD_KRT_KERNEL_BAD_ROUTE is seen on certain scenarios when rpd restarts or GRES when NSR is enabled. PR1586466

  • The Junos Telemetry Interface leaves such as used-power and allocated-power under or components do not reflect correct values. PR1587184

  • On PTX10008 platforms, error or warning message appears when you issue the request chassis cb slot 1 offline command before the node goes offline. PR1589433

  • Traffic loss might be observed on global repair after disabling the active path forcing FRR. PR1589803

  • On PTX10008 platforms, the Packet Forwarding Engine might get stuck in ready state with anomalies type net::juniper::fabric::fabricPfeE. PR1590319

  • The duplicate Junos telemetry interface leaf of oper-status for logical interface index 16386 has mismatch value. PR1592468

  • The firewall filter might not take into effect on Junos OS Evolved PTX Series platforms. PR1592500

  • After Routing Engine switchover, the following error messages are seen: JexprSlowCntrRead - Unable to get the plct Inst for pfeIdx: 255, User-type: OVFM_OFFCHIP_NEXTHOP_CNTR .PR1593079

  • The rpdagent crashes on the primary Routing Engine after multiple GRES with GR and NSR enabled. PR1593104

  • The port mirroring instance might be down on Junos OS Evolved based platforms. PR1593276

  • Load balance might not take effect for the Layer 2 VPN traffic on the PTX10008 platforms. PR1593548

  • The evo-pfemand might crash after restarting app evo-pfemand. PR1594331

  • The BFD session for MPLS LSP goes down after enabling ultimate-hop-popping. PR1594621

  • The type leaf value for FPC3:PIC0:PORT0:XcvrX displays XCVR. PR1595103

  • On PTX10008 platforms, application error alarms and trace-writer core files are generated due to defunct rcp zombie. PR1595409

  • Layer 2 VPN stops forwarding when interface encapsulation is changed to vlan-ccc from ethernet-ccc and back. PR1595455

  • Some TCP sessions might not be established after performing the request system snapshot command. PR1595470

  • On PTX10008 platforms, default wavelength for 400G ZR module is incorrect. PR1595498

  • The applications might crash if the publishing parent objects linked child objects are published by different applications. PR1595846

  • Telnet service might be enabled when it is expected to be disabled. PR1596411

  • On 400G ZR, logical interface creation fails after adding or deleting invalid speed configuration. PR1597022

  • The following error message is observed: cannot find ifToken for counterType:12. PR1597355

  • The aftmand core file might be observed on all Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1597649

  • Major host 13 Ethernet interface link down false alarm is seen after Routing Engine 1 replacement manually. PR1597763

  • On PTX10001-36MR routers, inconsistency in the platform name used in multiple places like version, SNMP MIBs, and so on. PR1597999

  • Master-only IP address keeps in old master (new backup) and device becomes inaccessible after Routing Engine switchover. PR1598173

  • Due to issue in AGEOUT notification for inline sessions, sessions remain up till the peer sends BFD down packet or BFD client brings it down. PR1599257

  • FTC status LED and SIB power LED are unlit or off on PTX10008 platforms. PR1600178

  • The config interface ip remove command does not work correctly. PR1600932

  • On PTX10008 routers, the set chassis redundancy routing-engine 1 master command does not change the default Routing Engine election priority. PR1601430

  • On PTX10008 routers, AFTMAN core files are seen at jexpr_if_logical_l2d_alloc while powering off or on all the Packet Forwarding Engine across all the FPCs. PR1602035

  • On PTX10003 platform, IRB ping fails post power off or power on underlying Packet Forwarding Engine for aggregated Ethernet child member. PR1602181

  • Enable support for the no-auto-virtual-gateway-esi and virtual-gateway-esi. PR1602224

  • GRE keepalive packet with recursion control bit set gets dropped on PTX10003 platforms. PR1602353

  • Continuous FPC restart might be observed on Junos OS Evolved platforms with the firewall policer configuration. PR1602446

  • On PTX10008 routers, powering off Packet Forwarding Engines displays the following error message: Jexpr: deleteFdbEntry: Null. PR1602670

  • Software validation or upgrade might fail. PR1603479

  • Junos OS Evolved release with IPv6 account, the show interface ae0 extensive shows large values for input bytes and input packets counters for IPv6 transit statistics PR1604075

  • The following error message is observed: evo-aftmand-bt[18089]: [Error] IfStats:map entry not present for ifl:1039. PR1604334

  • The channel 0 physical interface does not come up after adding the correct speed configuration. PR1604810

  • Remote aggregated Ethernet member failures causing tail drops resulting in high traffic loss. PR1604823

  • The host loopback wedge might be detected in the Packet Forwarding Engine when deleting the aggregated Ethernet bundle configuration. PR1605599

  • The DNS lookup might fail on all the Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1607505

  • On PTX10008 platforms, defunct rcp increases due to transport-alarm-statsd daemon. PR1608776

  • On PTX10008 platforms, the evo-aftmand-bt.fpc_x86_64 core file is seen @ jexpr_pile_malloc with LSR core profile configuration. PR1608999

  • High priority queue might not get the expected bandwidth on the Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1609823

  • The show pfe statistics traffic does not show host bound traffic. PR1611115

  • After picd restarts, the interface goes down in channelized 100G link. PR1611379

  • On PTX10001-36MR , PTX10004, and PTX10008 platforms, IS-IS does not come up when network type is P2P for IRB interface. PR1612606

  • Some of the fabric links might go into faulty state after swapping FPC LC1201 with LC1202. PR1612624

  • Mitigate false wrap of drop statistics when physical interfaces move into or out-of an aggregated Ethernet while physical interface drops excess traffic. PR1613889

  • On PTX10016 routers, SIBs and FPCs are not in active or online state after loading the image. PR1614489

  • The CDA-BT core files are generated when you do an FPC offline. PR1615343

  • On PTX10001-36MR routers, on performing the request system snapshot, the snapshot message is not captured in /etc/motd file. PR1618946

  • InputIntf is reported incorrectly for MPLS IPv4 and MPLS IPv6 ingress sampling in case of Layer 3 VPN. PR1619052

  • The hardware process might crash when an FPC is pulled out or some power failure or fault occurs for the FPC. PR1619102

  • On PTX10008 routers, interface goes down while performing custom optics profile validation for low power mode in non-channelized mode. PR1624228

  • On PTX10008 routers, the following continuous info level syslog messages are observed: evo-aftmand-bt:Pfe:controller add for fru :controller modify for fru:fru power-on (block mode) for fryu:initiating online (block mode) for fru. PR1624375


  • The FTP IPv6 server function might fail on all the Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1591733

  • The TCP-based protocol sessions might remain down after multiple Routing Engine switchovers. PR1593580

  • The Host 0 Active Disk Usage Exceeded alarm might be generated due to a large number of files under /var/log/journal. PR1601251

  • The detail and the write-file options for the monitor traffic interface CLI command are incompatible with each other when used simultaneously. PR1596188

  • Malformed packets might be sent out on egress interfaces in Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1603783

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Traffic loss is seen after restarting the SIB. PR1560111

  • The Junos telemetry interface optics sensor's alarm data type changed from bool_val to str_val.PR1580113

  • The SIB might be stuck in offline state after performing offline and online operations. PR1591076

  • The 25G interfaces with FEC91 go down on a few configurations. PR1594740

  • On PTX10003-160C platforms, the interface is not programmed in routing-instance. PR1596768

  • On PTX10003 platforms, the show platform object-info anomalies summary CLI command times out. PR1598337

  • The LACP system priority might take a value of 0 and causes an LACP interoperability issue. PR1602724

  • A few links on channelized interface is down after oir_enable and oir_disable in 4X25G. PR1606644

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • The dfwd-junos-relay core file is generated during switchover. PR1597853

  • The firewalld might crash if you configure fragment-offset out of the range (fragment-offset range: 1-900000000000). PR1605805

User Interface and Configuration

  • The connection-limit and rate-limit statements are not available under the system services netconf ssh hierarchy level. PR1562205

  • The no-persist-groups-inheritance configuration is not supported. PR1575995

  • System logs are not updated when a new user gets added or an old user is deleted after commit. PR1589858

  • Post request system zeroize operation, the sshd service is not enabled by default due to a race condition on PTX10008 platforms. PR1594258

  • The file copy command does not accept HTTPS URls. PR1596881

  • The transfer-on-commit configuration does not commit if you commit through NETCONF.PR1602331