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System Management

  • Support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) enterprise profile (QFX5130-32CD)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 21.2R1, the QFX5130-32CD switch supports the PTP enterprise profile, which is based on PTP version 2 (PTPv2). The PTP enterprise profile enables the enterprise and financial markets to add a timestamp to the operations of different systems and to handle a range of latencies and delays.


    • Because of hardware limitations, the interface et-0/0/32 is not used when the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) application is run.
    • Primary ports do not support two-step PTP.
    • The QFX5130-32CD does not support double-tagging over Layer 3.
    • The minimum packet rate for received sync packets is 8 pps. The client port recovers the primary clock only when the sync and delay-request packets are sent at a rate of not less than 8 pps.

    [See Understanding the Precision Time Protocol Enterprise Profile.]