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Resolved Issues: 21.2R2

General Routing

  • On QFX5700s, peer interfaces show up and LEDs glow during device reboot for DAC connections. PR1574342

  • On QFX5220 and QFX5130, MTU changes causes interface to flap multiple times. PR1576199

  • Port mirroring instance down with mirrored output as tagged interface. PR1593276

  • The interface might not learn mac-address if it is configured with vlan-id-list starting with VLAN id 1 and native-vlan-id. PR1597013

  • On QFX5220, ping does not work due to egress queue buffer stuck on 400G interfaces. PR1618147

  • On performing request system snapshot, the snapshot msg is not captured in /etc/motd file. PR1618946


  • The alarm Host 0 Active Disk Usage Exceeded might be generated due to large files which were already marked as deleted. PR1601251

User Interface and Configuration

  • The file copy command is not accepting HTTPS URls. PR1596881