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Resolved Issues: 21.2R1

General Routing

  • The aggregate member links field in the show interfaces extensive command output for an aggregated Ethernet interface does not reflect the number of member-links. PR1517841

  • Ingress policer scale is limited to 128 due to a known issue in the Junos OS Evolved Release 20.3R1. PR1525525

  • QFX5130-32CD Junos OS Evolved-pfemand binding queue complete-deleted objects are seen with hwd::pcsE. PR1531820

  • DHCPv6 relay might malfunction on QFX with Junos EVO platforms. PR1545754

  • Packets drop may be seen after changing mru and cable-length to a very low value. PR1547736

  • SRTE might stay in the Up state when the routes are deleted through policy. PR1547933

  • Traffic loss might happen if the flushing issue happens on the scale of ARP entries for the logical interface of the IRB interface. PR1554151

  • ICMP destination unreachable message is not sent from the QFX5130 when a firewall filter action rejects the packet. PR1563404

  • Routes learned via IRB interface might not be reachable in IBGP setup. PR1568566

  • The interface may not learn mac-address if it is configured with vlan-id-list starting with VLAN id 1 and native-vlan-id. PR1597013

  • The BGP sessions might intermittently flap if the egress sFlow sampling is enabled at a high sampling rate. PR1571636

  • ZTP must overwrite configuration derived from dhcp options with configuration from downloaded configuration file. PR1577004

  • QFX5130 and QFX5220 object anomalies seen with PTP TC configuration. PR1577375

  • The traffic related to native VLAN might be dropped. PR1581075

  • Routing Engine policing status is updated correctly in the ddos-protection show command outputs. PR1588556

  • The ndp process might reach to 100% and might result in traffic drop. PR1551644

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Commit fails with error VLAN-ID can only be specified on tagged ethernet interfaces, while deleting Layer 3 sub interface. PR1564703

User Interface and Configuration

  • The port_speed configuration details not present in the picd configuration for ports et-0/0/128 and et-0/0/129. PR1510486

  • The Junos OS Evolved operational state would be incorrect on the system and CoS scheduler configuration change might not take effect. PR1536615