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  • Juniper Agile Licensing (QFX5130-32CD)—Starting in Junos OS Release Evolved 21.2R1, the QFX5130-32CD support Juniper Agile Licensing.

    Juniper Agile Licensing provides simplified and centralized license administration and deployment. You can use Juniper Agile Licensing to install and manage licenses for software features.

    Juniper Agile Licensing supports soft enforcement of software feature licenses. With soft enforcement, if you configure a feature without a license, Junos OS displays a warning when you commit the configuration. However, the feature is operational. In addition, Junos os generated periodic alarms indicating that you need the license to use the feature. You can see the list of alarms at System Log Explorer.

    Table 1 describes the licensing support with use case examples for QFX5130-32CD.

    Table 1: Supported Features on QFX5130-32CD

    QFX Switch License Model

    Use Case Examples or Solutions

    Detailed Features


    Basic Layer 2 switching or basic Layer 3 forwarding

    BFD, Filters (Layer 2 and Layer 3), Layer 2 (xSTP, 802.1Q, LAG), Layer 3 (static), QoS (Layer 2 and Layer 3), and SNMP


    Data center fabric

    Advanced 1: BGP, FBF, GRE, IGMP version 1, IGMP version 2, and IGMP version 3, IS-IS, JTI, MC-LAG, Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) version 1, MLD version 2, OSPF, RIP, VRF and VRRP

    Advanced 2: Advanced 1 features, CFM, ESI-LAG, EVPN-VXLAN, Layer 3 multicast, OAM, PTP, Q-in-Q, and Virtual Chassis


    Data center interconnect or data center edge

    Advance Enterprise Features, EVPN-MPLS, Layer 2 circuit, Layer 3 VPN (MPLS), LDP, RSVP, Segment routing, and SR-TE

    In addition, you can install additional port bandwidth usage license to increase the port bandwidth usage.

    [See Flex Software License for QFX Switches, Juniper Agile Licensing Guide, and Configuring Licenses in Junos OS.]